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recaps would have to be approved by WRP/CBS...so I wouldn't read anything into that...


--- Quote from: RaceUntilWeDie on April 16, 2013, 10:07:03 PM ---4. Could have always been on a vacation in the past. IIRC, one of Idries & Jamil stated a list of places that they have visited.. some of which included the places that this season had gone to.. including D.C. .. and yet they didn't even make it to those parts of the Race. So we can't say that Joey & Meghan will survive for another 2 episodes.

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They did visit D.C.

Show contentIt's the finish line, they have to be there.

I don't think I said they didn't?


--- Quote from: Kandace on December 07, 2012, 11:42:38 AM --- :cmas20
From a good friend/anonymous for now(with their permission), spoiler tag for large pic
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Is it just me or do these pictures from the live sighting thread make the hockey brothers and roller derby look like decoys..

Mona or Beth is in the first pic getting clue from woman... Which is something they've done in the past for decoy teams.. Is that not quite conclusive??

Also in the second picture, the brothers are just ahead of the moms.. both seemingly without cameras.. I dont know. To me anyway this definitely makes the moms look like decoys and possibly the brothers too which is interesting when you think we  thought they were both final three.... I guess we'll see on sunday. If its true it would mean one or both of the blondes and youtube must make the final which would surprise me!

EDIT: Actually scratch that. You can see a guy with blue jacket, illuminous shoes and short dark hair running behind anthony... its obviously max so this is most definitely our final three then.. I still dont get the woman handing clues though.. seems like such a decoy thing

Just for the record....

We have not seen ANY teams run a decoy during a Finale leg in many many seasons.  Elim'd teams have very frequently done some airport running around however before going to the Finale Mat.

So ...THREE teams seen in DC.  Take it FWIW, but nothing is ever set in stone....


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