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Too far from Belfast

I don't believe we ever figured out where eliminated teams were sequestered for TAR 22. After reading the following Twitter conversation, I still believe we don't know where the teams were sequestered. But I was amused.  ;)

Esper Tortuga ‏@EsperVieyra 10h
I found out my friend's mom works at the hotel Joey Graceffa stayed at for over a month when filming the Amazing Race in Arizona. I jelly.

moti duh ‏@smoshersnorlax 10h
@EsperVieyra Well he's not there anymore so the magic has gone haha

Esper Tortuga ‏@EsperVieyra 10h
@smoshersnorlax yes but I could have gone over there and maybe met him. I only live an hour from the Grand Canyon where he was

moti duh ‏@smoshersnorlax 10h
@EsperVieyra Oh I get you now! That would have been awesome

Esper Tortuga ‏@EsperVieyra 10h
@smoshersnorlax yeah. hopefully I get to meet him at VidCon though :D

moti duh ‏@smoshersnorlax 10h
@EsperVieyra Yeah that should be good :D


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