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TAR 22 Speculation and Discussion **of Spoilers**

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--- Quote from: MrDS on April 01, 2013, 08:08:14 AM ---Based on our caps/sightings for Scotland so far, we have 4 places:

The Royal Mile
Craigmillar Castle
Duddingston Kirk
Gosford House

The Royal Mile is probably where teams picked up their cars if they were getting directions in Cowgate, which isn't far from the Mile; Gosford House is most likely the Pit Stop. However, Craigmillar Castle and Duddingston Kirk are the ones which are slightly puzzling. Craigmillar Castle could be either a Detour or Roadblock, but Duddingston Kirk is quite a small graveyard, so potentially, depending on where it is in relation to other places possibly visited, could be a site of a Double U-Turn or a Speed Bump (which would imply an NEL in Germany). If it were to be a Double U-Turn, we would most likely see an NEL before that (as we have not had a Double U-Turn with only 4 teams left?) so that could be either in Switzerland (which is to be believed as per the timeline) or Germany.

With that in mind, I'm going to speculate Chuck and Wynona to be the next to go, it's whether we will see them saved by a NEL prior to their departure

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At the bottom of page 24 I posted what they may be doing at Duddingston Kirk:

--- Quote ---Re: TAR 22 Speculation and Discussion **of Spoilers**
Reply #599 on: 19-02-2013, 11:25:51
I'm going to guess that a detour in Edinburgh is could be Stones(curling) or Bowls(skittles) as next to Duddingston Kirk is Thomson's Tower - http://www.drneilsgarden.co.uk/history2.html which is where the rules of curling were first written down and where they stored the stones. There is also The Sheep Heid Inn - http://www.thesheepheidedinburgh.co.uk/offer/skittleslley/ which has Scotland's oldest surviving skittle alley.
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As they probably flew into Edinburgh, I would guess that they picked the cars up at the Airport, as the only other options are taxi or Airport bus. There are two ways to get to Gosford House from the airport, the city bypass or through town. If they went through the town, it would be very easy to get lost in the city centre due to the ongoing tram works (from the Airport to the city centre).
Having spoken to someone who was at Craigmillar Castle on the Monday they were in Edinburgh, she said that there was some filming happening when she left, which I guess would have been late afternoon, which would correspond with the late afternoon sighting at the Holiday Inn in the Cowgate, so I would guess that the pitstop is at Craigmillar Castle, followed by the windsurfing/Gosford House/Duddingston Kirk on the Tuesday then maybe TBC pitstop to get to Belfast. Will add flights to the transportation thread.


--- Quote from: supah on April 10, 2013, 03:37:06 AM ---I think this leg could be our final NEL. That leaves 6 teams racing in Berlin, and the opportunity for a Double U-Turn, because with more teams racing, the better chances the U-Turns will be used. Fingers crossed!

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I like Supah's theory. After Berlin, there are 5 teams racing in Edinburgh and the final four in Belfast. So, both UK legs are eliminations. In both Switzerland legs of TAR18, they're all elimination rounds.

This is not a spoiler. It's an announcement from CBS about the AR22 finale on May 5:

After sprinting nearly 30,000 miles, over five continents and through nine countries, the final four Teams find themselves bog snorkeling in Belfast, Ireland where one Team's Race will come to an end. The final three Teams Race to our nation's capital where they'll scour some of Washington, D.C.'s most historic landmarks for the chance to be crowned this season's $1 million winners.

6 teams leaving Africa and 4 arriving in Belfast means that there will be two eliminations total in Switzerland, Berlin and Edinburgh.


--- Quote from: apskip on April 12, 2013, 01:58:38 PM ---6 teams leaving Africa and 4 arriving in Belfast means that there will be two eliminations total in Switzerland, Edinburgh and Glasgow Berlin.

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