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TAR 22 Speculation and Discussion **of Spoilers**

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Since there was a Bates & Anthony vs. Mona & Beth it'll be interesting to see that happen for the remainder for the Race.. especially the finale! (If both make it, which we're basically sure of.. right?)

No, the only team we are sure made the Final 3 is Max & Katie.

I believe that decoy teams go to the final city a day early, and two of the five teams (Mona & Beth) & (Bates & Anthony) were confirmed being seen in Washington D.C. so I concur that Joey and Meghan, Max and Katie, and Caroline and Jen are the Final 3 Teams. Just speculation though.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

 :bigwelcome to RFF, MichaelFarrell.

As far as we know, we didn't have any evidence that Joey & Meghan were racing in D.C., CMIIW.

However, something comes up to my mind that is really intriguing. Does anybody ever imagined why Joey & Meghan are making the recap video of each leg? I mean, has anyone imagined what if they were eliminated at early leg? Is it a bit useless and incomplete to make the recap just for some episodes/legs until you're eliminated?

I think that Joey & Meghan are making their recap video on their own YouTube channel because they know all the legs in detail, which includes the final leg. So, even that there's no proof that Joey & Meghan are in the final 3, but I speculate that they're one of the final 3 teams, just because their effort to make each legs recap. ;)


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