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Germany seems like a Double Roadblock leg. So most likely the next leg is where the U-Turn pops out.

Hey, there are a couple of things I've noticed, although I'm not sure whether they've been discussed yet:

1. It's possible Joey & Meghan win TAR. According to a post on tumblr I've read, Joey and Meghan said they would buy a house with any prize money they get should they win in an interview. Coincidentally, Meghan moved house recently as she documents in some of her recent YT videos,

2. The Titanic Quarter was recently built in Belfast to commemorate those who died aboard the ship and has become a huge tourist attraction. The building is seen in the pre-roll before each episode begins when each team is being visually re-introduced. It's highly likely that there are challenges that take place here as there are ports, clubs, museums, arenas and a train station all within a 5 minute walk.

3. It is said that the final legs are going to be Scotland -> Northern Ireland / Northern Ireland -> Washington D.C.. It takes roughly an hour and a half by ferry to get from Scotland to Northern Ireland, and only 45 minutes by plane (this is all from experience). In my opinion, I think Switzerland -> Germany will be an elimination round, and Germany -> Scotland NEL as it would take so little time to get from Scotland to Northern Ireland, and that the last two episodes are being aired as back-to-backs. Which means there will be four teams up until the last two episodes.

4. Apparently, Joey Graceffa also commented on his twitter that he had visited Scotland meaning that both him and Meghan will survive for at least another 2 episodes.

If you can help me find proof for any of this (as I can't find a shred of any interviews or twitter comments!) I'm sure everyone would be very grateful!

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I'm not an expert on these things :lol: but I can vouch for the fact that Joey & Meghan probably don't win...

1. She couldn't have 'moved her house' already because they don't have the million dollars yet (they don't receive until after the finale is aired; or unless she used her own money).

2. Don't know how to respond to that?? ???

3. Same as #2.

4. Could have always been on a vacation in the past. IIRC, one of Idries & Jamil stated a list of places that they have visited.. some of which included the places that this season had gone to.. including D.C. .. and yet they didn't even make it to those parts of the Race. So we can't say that Joey & Meghan will survive for another 2 episodes.

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About number 1:  we have sightings of the teams in the final leg in Washington, supported with pictures. You can check them in the corresponding thread:,28045.0.html

About #4, usually by this point in the race with 5 teams and only a few legs left, the eliminated teams stay with the race through to the finish line. It makes little sense to send them halfway around the world to where the rest of the eliminated teams are staying then have them fly back to the finish line a few days later.  Also, the last couple of eliminated teams often run the final legs as decoys so if anyone is watching (like us), it is harder to tell who is racing at the end. So, it is very possible that Joey could have visited Scotland with the race even after being eliminated.

I wouldn't mind if Joey and Meghan stay around and are racing at the end as they don't bother me as much as they seem to bother many of the other people around here. It would be nice to see Meghan get a chance to shine and show her personality. Joey just overwhelms her it seems like. I don't feel like I know much about her. Back to the main point, unfortunately, all the evidence I've seen suggests Joey and Meghan don't make it through to the final legs.


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