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--- Quote from: Plaidmoon on February 15, 2013, 06:38:06 PM ---I thought I'd indulge in some speculation about the second Express Pass this season. Phil says in his recent TV Guide interview that the holders of the Express Pass get a lot of attention from the other teams that want to be given the second Express Pass. I imagine that they will quickly realize that the second Express Pass puts them in a difficult position. The team that gets the second pass will be very happy and most of the other teams will be upset with them.

One of the things learned from our spoilers is that David of Connor and David gets a leg or Achilles tendon injury in one of the Bora Bora legs. Somehow, according to the timeline, they managed to survive until at least leg 5 despite the fact that David was barely able to walk and was using a wheelchair in some of the sightings. They seems pretty remarkable to me and after thinking it over, I figure that the team that wins the Express Pass in the first leg will end up giving it to Connor and David. The Express Pass would be one way for them to survive a leg.  The other teams can't get too upset about that since Connor and David aren't going to be much of a threat to the other teams and they will be thinking it's only a matter of time until the injury catches up with them and they are eliminated. Given the situation, it's probably the safest play for the team with the Express Pass. Unless they really want to forge an alliance with another team and don't care too much about the other teams.   

I suppose it's possible that Connor and David could win the first leg and get the Express Pass. In that case, forget all of the above.  ;)

--- End quote ---

 *-:)   :winner    :happy:

The sound you hear is me tooting my own horn.

Every once in a while I get one right. It feels good.


Awesome! Good Job Plaidmoon!!

Its kinda surprising that the speculated f3-f5 teams are either struggling, not dominating, always at the back of the back as of episode 3. The teams who are cuurrently always in the front pack is the one speculated to be leaving next. :)

Not sure if it has been posted elsewhere, but do we know the full extent of David injury. I am to have my ruptured Achilles' tendon surgery tomorrow and just was curious to know what his final diagnosis was and how he is doing now. I realize that because of the show's airing a few months after the injury that details like that are probably confidential but it would be reassuring to know that he is doing well. I saw the episode when it happened to him and immediately knew the pain he was feeling.

I dont think we do know, they are not using social media. Best of luck tomorrow, hope all goes well! Perhaps you can share the limitations/pain you experienced in the Episode thread, to help us understand better? :kuss:


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