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--- Quote from: Jimmer25 on February 17, 2013, 08:18:48 PM ---I'm just going to express again that I hate luck tasks, especially with Bates and Anthony checking in 2nd after like searching 2 sandcastles. I don't blame the task for Matt and Daniel's elimination, since they were too arrogant with the boat task.

I'm shocked they all took the penalty. If I was racing, I would have not agreed to take the penalty hoping that I have kept good track at which sandcastles I knocked down, but then again, I wasn't out there for 3 hours either.

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Ain't nobody got time for a 4-hour penalty when almost half of the sandcastles are already knocked down. Even if you didn't take the penalty, it will still take less time to knock down and rebuild them. Forget the pact, I'm worrying about myself.

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THIS!  :lol3:

Chateau d If:
I'm going to speculate that Gosford House is not only the Pit Stop for our leg in Scotland but also that it directly follows the surfing task at the beaches of Longniddry.

Nice Chateau!! Geographic proximetry works!

You could just see Phil standing at the top of those stairs with the bagpipe players right now :lol3:

I come to a conclusion that Max&Katie and the Blondes survives because of HoO or the black twins can't swim .
again this is not racist just because I call them black, its just easier for me to identity them without messing up their names.


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