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Tokyo and New Zealand are the only logical next airports that connect to FAA international airport

Also what a great start line to pick as it was untrackable according to opening times (as its closed on Tuesdays :lol:)

Since it appears its starting in Tahiti, I'm guessing that this season continent line up is like Season 18. Oceania-Asia-Europe-South America-North America.
I'm hoping that this time, there wil be less legs in Asia, and 2-4 legs in South America (I love it when South America gets 4 legs, hasn't been done since Season 11  :'(). These are my speculation first 5 legs.

1. Tahiti
2. New Zealand
3. Philippines
4. Philippines
5. (East Asia)

Interesting to note that they are not crossing the IDL meaning that they will lose a day when they eventually cross over. Is that mean more quicker and shorter legs?

There aren't too many places to head to after Tahiti. I wouldn't be surprised if Europe was skipped this time, as TAR 21 spent a lot of time in Europe, and completely omitted Africa and South America.

They could move back to Chile. There's a flight to Chile from Papeete, right? That would be great!


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