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They also never spent less than three legs in Asia when circumnavigating the globe...


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--- Quote from: theschnauzers on December 06, 2012, 01:13:47 AM ---Botswana was visited in season 1, leg 2 as one half of a detour. It was during that part of that leg after teams left Songwe Village and before teams went back to Johannesburg to get flights to Paris.

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I was going to say that too but noticed they did 2 legs in S7 as well.

I don't think any teams took that side of the detour though

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Oh wow, I never noticed that part about TAR1. I only remembered Phil saying at the finish line that Rob and Brennan visited 8 countries. So in reality, it would have been a season featuring 11 countries, including South Africa (for just 1 clue), Botswana and and the Vatican. What a pity that teams didn't visit Botswana and the Vatican.

While we wait to see if those tweets supposedly in D.C. pan out, I wanted to post a link to a news article that reports of rioting in Belfast, Northern Ireland even as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived there for a visit
The incidents have been ongoing for a week, and the latest rioting started on Thursday night. We know that the show likes to avoid trouble spots whenever possible, and this may require us to assess the possibility of a last minute change in filming.

ZBC Company:

So after reading what georgiapeach said, does this mean the Hockey Players, Winnie and Cam, possibly the blondes (can't make out who is in that 2nd picture) aren't in the final 3?

Edit : or is that the roller derby girls?


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