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TAR 22 Speculation and Discussion **of Spoilers**

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Oh come on...if they're going to visit Brazil , no more São Paulo and Rio.

I'm going to speculate the rest of the route this season! (Hopefully I turn out to be right)

Most likely they will spend 2-3 legs in Africa, which includes Leg 7 in Maun, Botswana. As for the other 1/2 leg(s), they could have stayed in Botswana, or traveled to Namibia or South Africa, who knows. After the African legs, I think it's most likely that they head to South America, and the only country I see them visiting in Brazil. There is always the chance that they fly Europe (London would be the best possibility), but I believe they will fly to Brazil. In Brazil, I think & hope they will have one leg in Brasilia, and one leg in Manaus. Brasilia is the capital and has never been visited and Manaus is the largest city in the Amazon rainforest, which has also never been visited.
If there is still 1 leg left, (which means they only spent 2 legs in Africa), then I think it's a good possibility that they will visit Latin America or the Caribbean. Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are good candidates. Then off to the finish line, where this year I speculate will be in........ TEXAS! Houston and Dallas are two cities wayyy overdue. Houston has never been visited, and Dallas was only visited once back in TAR 5.

So to recap:
Leg 7: Hanoi --> Maun, Botswana
Leg 8: Maun --> Botswana/Namibia/South Africa??
Leg 9: Africa --> Brasilia, Brazil
Leg 10: Brasilia --> Manaus, Brazil
Leg 11: Manaus --> Latin America
Leg 12: Latin America --> Houston/Dallas, Texas

This is PURE SPECULATION but I feel this is a very probable and likely route to finish the race!  :conf:

I think we will see Europe this time around also.

My Predicitons for the final legs:
7. Maun, Botswana
8. Port Elizabeth, South Africa
9. Brasilia, Brazil
10. Amazon Region, Brazil
11. Ecuador (anywhere is fine)
12. Houston, USA

Now that I look back, this is very simular to halfass09's predictions :lol:.

If the end up visiting Cuba, i'll be shocked..I don't mean just this season, i mean in the nearby future..or ever..


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