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Hong Kong destinations to Africa:

Addis Ababa

That's it!


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so this was 4 hours ago, am I right?

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At the time I posted, yes.


TAR 1 Leg 1:

--- Quote ---Leg 1 (United States → South Africa → Zambia)
Victoria Falls was the first ever location visited in the entire seriesAirdate: September 5, 2001

New York City, New York, United States  (Central Park Bethesda Fountain) (Starting Point)
 New York City (John F. Kennedy International Airport) to Johannesburg, South Africa  (Johannesburg International Airport)
 Johannesburg (Lanseria Airport) to Livingstone, Zambia  (Livingstone Airport)
Livingstone (Victoria Falls - Knife's Edge)
Livingstone (Batoka Gorge)
Songwe Village 
In the first Fast Forward of the race, teams had to hike down a steep slope to the Boiling Pot on the Zambezi River. In the very first Detour for the entire series had teams choosing between Air and Land. In Air, teams had to take a zipline across the gorge and then experience a 54-meter gorge swing. In Land, teams had to take a long hike down the mountains. An unaired Roadblock (available as a bonus feature on the DVD set) required one team member to cook an ostrich egg, and both team members were required to eat it.
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For reasons having to do with current events elsewhere in Africa, Johannesburg does seem to be the best bet this time for legs in Africa. (Uganda, Rwanda, Congo involved in conplicated civil war conflict, Sudan/South Sudan situation still unsettled, etc.

The question I have is whether all of the remaining teams would have to go through Hong Kong to get to Johannesburg; or whether teams leaving Hanoi could have gone to Singapore, Bangkok, or other hubs to get there. If we haven't seen all of the teams at the Hong Kong airport, then the other question is whether the teams that were seen there are leading or trailing teams, or risk takers or risk adverse in their travel arrangements.

The other comment I'll make is that South Africa as the next country is still consistent with a mostly-southern hemisphere, or at least south of the Tropic of Cancer route that I've been speculating about.


You are not the only individual who has hypothesized a route to Africa and South America. World Race Productions blew the southern hemisphere route by going to Hanoi. The entire rest of AR21 may be south of the equator, but I doubt it.

Some hypothesize Johannesburg is next and I believe Addis Ababa is more likely. There are dozens of other possibilities. That qualifies for your below the Tropic of Cancer route.


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