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TAR France went to Brazil and the episode is currently airing :tup: That's what all those tweets are talking about :)


--- Quote from: supah3ro on November 27, 2012, 04:50:43 PM ---TAR France went to Brazil and the episode is currently airing :tup: That's what all those tweets are talking about :)

--- End quote ---

Yes. It is possible and also from this one from Brazil:

Andrea Pires @AndreaPires1
"O Brasil não conhece o Brasil..."Começando agora uma reportagem sobre Foz do Iguaçu, na TV francesa!! E ontem foi sobre o Rio!

"Brazil doesn't know Brazil..." Starting now, a report about Iguazu Falls on French TV!! Last time it was about Rio!

That's why I kept it to Pure Speculation. Thanks!


Just read Xarles findings about the blog (thanks bro!  :yess: ) but unfortunately they didn't post any pics except the night shot at their hotel :(

Anyway, I also read a couple of travel blogs, and one of them got me suspicious about teams were somewhere in that area,
Posted on Nov 26, the blogger arrived in Maun and telling stories about how difficult to get a taxi outside of Maun Airport, and they were taken to Okavango River Lodge, where they also saw a lot of taxis lined up with "two staffs", "a friend" and a driver..

I've sent a question regarding those scene, and still waiting for his reply, hopefully he can tell us something ;)

Reilly Queens:
Not be a downer on the anti Europe route(which dw, its very possible) I'd like to point out that Joburg DOES have flights to Europe. Particularly London, which like TAR14(which was after the Olympics) they visited the host city, Beijing. Johannesburg has late PM flights to London arriving in the early AM which are perfect times to do legs. Just sayin'

Yes, Kandace you are correct. Johannesburg does have 4 flights today nonstop to London plus one to Frankfurt, Munich, Paris-CDG, Zurich and Amsterdam. However, Amazing Races have been to all of those places at least once (and for London  and Paris twice or Amsterdam thrice), so what is the point of going off a tropic of Cancer route?

You can say that Sao Paulo has been the place where AR9 visited, but that is the only Amazing Race visit there. Other cities in South America are easy connections from Sao Paulo if World Race Productions wanted something new.


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