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--- Quote from: Theodorus on November 13, 2012, 09:27:34 PM ---They could move back to Chile. There's a flight to Chile from Papeete, right? That would be great!

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The only problem with that is that asia will most likely be completely skipped.


--- Quote from: theschnauzers on November 13, 2012, 09:24:38 PM ---There aren't too many places to head to after Tahiti. I wouldn't be surprised if Europe was skipped this time, as TAR 21 spent a lot of time in Europe, and completely omitted Africa and South America.

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I dont think that would happen. There is a direct flight to Auckland from Tahiti if I am not mistaken. From there, they can go to Asia and Europe eventually. It looks like 4-5 continents to me (I predict South America will have a later visit.).
Aslo, I think the race will spend 5-7 legs in Europe/Asia, since we just had a whole season in Europe/Asia.


Shows the water plant is known as WRP so maybe its a confusion

Reilly Queens:
I have a pretty good guess that Leg 2 is in New Zealand, and maybe Leg 3 somewhere near by do make up time? Again, its spec and might not happen, lol (:

They can get into NZ with these flights (the links are to flightstats)
November 15th
Tahiti -> Rarotonga
12:20PM 15th -> 2:50PM 15th

Then on the 15thstill
Rarotonga to AUCKLAND
Dep 5:30PM 15th ARR 8:50PM 16th(International Date Line is going be rude lol)

They can get in and go around and get their stuff together and do what they do

Then teams fly to Auckland direct using

Tahiti -> AUCKLAND
2:00AM 16th -> 6:55AM the 17th

woo hoo.. best place to be on the internet when the racing is on. Great work on the information already!  :tup:


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