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This is where all the speculation of the TAR 22 race goes, NOT in the LIVE thread.
**NEW** Let's try keeping all the confirmed LOCATION info together so it is easier to find. So anything about a location we are sure of can go HERE.
All info about TEAMS can go in the Contestant thread HERE.

As always, per RFF's practices, we do not spoil the start location (if known) or any teams until it is believed that the teams are safely underway. We would never want to jeopardize a team's chances or to interfere with the start. But if you have info to share before then, we would love to know, so please PM or email me! Spoilers are treasured!
This thread will be opened once we know for sure the race has begun.


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on November 13, 2012, 07:59:28 PM ---Next Destination appears to be:

Papeete, Tahiti!

Via AIr France and Air Tahiti.
 :dancer: :beach:   :dancer:
Damn. Now I AM jealous!

--- End quote ---
ah, my wish was granted.  They should race to Australia/South Pacific as their 1st destination and forget about South America, due to TARLA's racing within that continent since their 1st season.  Hopefully they should go to my country, the Philippines after that.  ;)

Reilly Queens:
If Tahiti is true.. and they land the 14th, have time to do the leg, then assumes 12 hour pit stop,
can depart early AM the 15th.

And looking at flightstats, its all random south pacific, Bora Bora, Rarotonga(<3) and other places in French Polynesia.

if its extended pit stop(could be true to get production out of Tahiti to the next locale)

depart late the 15th/midnightish the 16th

They have a 2:00AM flight to Auckland
and a 6:30AM flight to Tokyo

Its most likely gonna be a forced bunched flight, since tbh there isn't as many options.

They can also fly back to LAX, but it wouldn't be in their best interest to drag them through the area again and would be costing more $$$ to. But you never know!

But its gonna get crazy since Tahiti is so stranded(guess they're trying to get out of spoilers, but failed! :b)

Assuming Tahiti is the first destination, then a Race almost completely in the southern hemisphere is a possibility. It would be spring headed into summer, and could see a Race course going to Australia-New Zealand, Africa, and Latin America. Maybe they'll drop by Antarctica on the way. :)

The fact that there's a TAR:LA would not affect where TAR would go, since American television does not air any of the international editions of TAR.

Kandice, I don't think we should think in terms of a "standard" 12 hour pit stop, because there isn't a standard length any longer. We should look for the next stop to be somewhere and somewhen that allows production to get ahead of the teams by a flight but allow all continuing teams to make it out without having delays for an additional day.

Since it appears its starting in Tahiti, I'm guessing that this season continent line up is like Season 18. Oceania-Asia-Europe-South America-North America.
I'm hoping that this time, there wil be less legs in Asia, and 2-4 legs in South America (I love it when South America gets 4 legs, hasn't been done since Season 11  :'(). These are my speculation first 5 legs.

1. Tahiti
2. New Zealand
3. Philippines
4. Philippines
5. (East Asia)


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