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Phil posted this pic of him in Miami http://instagram.com/p/VpIkGQx1_G/

Maybe getting ready to film season 23 ??? it says he would love to swim but work is calling ???? :O

Completely off-topic. But I want to make good use of a #10,000 post.

But I want to give thanks to all the TAR Detectives for all your hard work this season so far. Continue to keep up the good work and may we continue to give TAR producers a run for their money. :lol3:

 :luvya: :luvya: :luvya: :luvya: :luvya:

Just adding our collection... Probably this is in Tahiti/Auckland/Christchurch....

Taken on (approx.) Nov.18

"Amazing Race or some such carry-on.. Camera crew in the domestic terminal.."


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