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Phil Keoghan
After 12 hr flight picked up our bags to discover they were covered in fishy water, some guy thought his fish would stay frozen, guess not!

2:04 PM - 24 Nov 12 web (North American Central Time)

From his tweet, we can tell the length of the flight and also that he is tweeting from at least a laptop or a fixed location (make it seems that he is not on the run -connecting to any more flights, maybe-)

Flying from HKG to JNB at 550 MPH steady, turns out to be 11 hours and 57 minutes of strictly airborne flight time.


You forgot something. Flying into the jet stream east to west adds time to a flight. The actual time for SA287 HKG JNB was 13 hours 25 minutes.

A sighting in Maun, Botswana? It could be either TAR Norway or TAR 22. I just started looking so there may be more.

Jesse ‏@JesseMolatlhwe
S/O to your boy Jesse yea! RT @thatChelseaGuy: They're shooting an episode of the amazing race here. Let me go look cool on tv.
3:59 AM Pacific Standard Time  - 25 Nov 12
About 45 minutes ago

Godfrey CL Matale ‏@inFamOusCL1
@JesseMolatlhwe yo The guy talking about the amazing race where is he, is he in Bots?
4:07 AM Pacific Standard Time  - 25 Nov 12
About 50 minutes ago

Godfrey CL Matale ‏@inFamOusCL1
First I missed the amazing race while It was in Cape Town Now Maun. Wow we cute guys never catch a break!!
4:16 AM Pacific Standard Time- 25 Nov 12
About 30 minutes ago

The person making the sighting doesn't mention where he saw them, but his other tweets do mention Maun, so the second person's assumption that the sighting was in Maun seems reasonable.

I was thinking they would have had charter flights to get to Maun, but a little research shows 2 flights daily from Johannesburg to Maun. One arrives at 1:20 PM and the other at 1:25 PM. That is about 2 hours ago, so it fits. The flight from Hong Kong to Johannesburg arrived about 4 hours before the 11:40 AM and 11:45 AM departures, so that fits as well.

I was leaning towards this being TAR Norway, but the flights fits so well, I'm now thinking it's 50-50 as to whether it's TAR 22 or TAR Norway.

A little research shows a number of safari outfits and game reserves in the Maun area, so I'm thinking that will be involved.

Here's another possible sighting, this time next door to Botswana in Windhoek, Namibia.

Simasiku Matengu ‏@Simplysiku
You know Kapana has made it big when you trying to dip in the spice and get bumped by contestants in the Amazing Race.
11:12 PM Pacific Standard Time - 25 Nov 12
About 9 hours ago

Kapana is grilled meat served with a tomato, onion, chili and spice sauce and fried bread called fat cakes. It is popular and sold by street vendors in Namibia.

It seems a bit early for TAR to have gone from Botswana to Namibia, but it is possible. It could also be that TAR Norway in one of the sightings from the last 2 days and TAR 22 is in the other one. At this point, there's no clues as to which is which. My attempts to contact people have been ignored so far.

Update: This sighting was of TAR Norway 2.

TAR Ukraine info moved here:,27429.0.html


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