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--- Quote from: LoveRocked on November 23, 2012, 07:13:29 PM ---Aznein ‏@NeinBaha
ITES Amazing Race (@ Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana) w/ 2 others) 


--- End quote ---

Local Race  ;)


9m samantha kuhr ‏@samanthakuhr 
We overheard our #AmazingRace friends are trying to get to Africa! How fun! 

 30m  samantha kuhr ‏@samanthakuhr
*****Spoiler Alert! Just flew from Hanoi to Hong Kong with The Amazing Race film crew and contestants... Se 

Hong Kong Sat  2:49 PM

Tweet replies! Thanks samanthakuhr!

samantha kuhr
 ‏@samanthakuhr 4h @peachrff we flew Dragon Air flight296 at 10.45 from Hanoi. Sitting in airport with them now. I think they're heading to Africa #amazingrace

 3:22 AM - 24 Nov 12

@peachrff lots of blondes! #hongkong #amazingrace we're leaving now for #losangeles
(that would be her not them)
 Tweet 3:23 AM - 24 Nov 12 (my time)

@peachrff they must be tired... Lots of contestants sleeping in the airport #amazingrace #tar22 #hongkong 
 3:32 AM - 24 Nov 12


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