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Dutch Mole - Series 13 in South Africa [with English subtitles!]

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What if in an execution the number of the bottom two's correct answers are the same and they use the same amount of time?


--- Quote from: SuperTux on March 03, 2013, 06:57:06 PM ---What if in an execution the number of the bottom two's correct answers are the same and they use the same amount of time?

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If there's a tie, the deciding factor is time.
As far as I can tell it's never been a tie for time too. It's too much of a coincidence to occur I think, having both the exact amount of answers wrong as well as the time in seconds...

It's happened with winners they had the same amount of questions right but were mere seconds apart.
I don't expect that would happen with earlier episodes, ties are infrequent enough anyway in that sense.

I don't remember having heard anything about this potential occasion - I imagine maybe they would make a tie-breaker.
I don't think it's very likely to happen any day soon though and if it does happen I'm sure they'll find a way to figure it out in a way that makes one more deserving of staying than the other.  :)

By the way Tux I don't mind your questions  (at all  ;) ) and after all these years I definitely know more about the production of the series and what may be likelier or unlikely. But in the end I'm just a viewer so I really can't answer some of your questions except by extrapolating from what I know and deriving (from what's going on) by logic. For the record.  :)

I don't mind the questions don't get me wrong but I don't always have an answer to them and perhaps even production doesn't either (more likely than not) because some things just happen and there's not always a contigency plan for all situations, i.e. for things that are unlikely so I guess improvisation may come into it at times as well such as the untimely leaving of contestants due to illness or in this case alas, a severe accident.

We had a chatsession with Art recently. He mentioned they had made small adjustments wrt challenges after Janine's accident (such as the rope being a little more tight and easier to deal with in the rope-bridge/waterfall challenge. And they made minor adjustments on the challenge(s) right afterwards just to err on the safe side even more so. So yes I think it's not a static thing and sometimes they need to improvise too. :)

Dank u voor uw antwoorden! (Is it like this? All Dutch I've learnt is from this show. :))

There's one thing I dislike about the Dutch Mole: the setting of the challenge for protecting the exemption. I don't think it's needed. First, people who've won the exemption deserve to have it indeed. If it ever comes to me, it would make me feel like wasting my energy and being played to win an exemption and lose it in the protection challenge. Second, it's strange that it isn't the case that there's always a protection challenge after someone gets the exemption. Then it seems unfair to me to see that while in S13 the exemption to F3 required the receiver to protect it (the helicopter and laser gun challenge), in S12 the exemption to F3 didn't require so.

That's not always the case though Supertux wrt exemptions being won and whether or not people need to defend them.
More often nót than it ís in fact. Not sure what the reason is, I guess for drama/ television and maybe for the Mole to win it back and not earn the money perhaps. I don't know.

I do agree with you that it's not necessary imho, as people fought hard to earn it in the first place. 
I don't know, but it's definitely not always the case.

As for fair, well I'm afraid a lot of things on this show are not 'fair'. I mean, was it fair that Show contentEwout was the first to leave?
Obviously that person wasn't hedging their bets enough, but to be fair: the first challenge was a dropping and the second the bungee jumping. The first episode is always the hardest for lack of information, but this one even more so because there was little exposure to Mole-ish sabotage. Plus due to all the exemptions being won their chances of leaving were one in six if the Mole was among the people with an exemption, and one in five if that was not the case.

So yeah, unfair maybe but sometimes in this game you also just have to be lucky I guess.  :)

But I do agree that it was sad that after all that Show contentDaniel still had to leave after making his test worst.At least they really enjoyed themselves.  :)

I agree that it's always sad for the first person out of the game. But for those first victims who don't understand the meaning of hedging their bets and go for only one person in the very early episodes (which happened a lot in other versions), all I can say is they don't understand the gameplay.

Before the finale airs, I'd like to make a guess about the comment Art said in the "Big-Five" challenge in EP4 that "unfortunately you've missed a lot of money." I guess that refers to those three tubes in Tim's hands. Maybe there was a clue that could explain to contestants what was inside the tube in some place on the road...


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