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Dutch Mole - Series 13 in South Africa [with English subtitles!]

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The new location for series 13 of the Dutch Mole is known... : South Africa!!!!  :wohoo:  :yess:  :colors

The first footage that was released was taken, as it seems (and recognized by my SA friends) in Soweto, Johannesburg, more specifically in the Regina Mundi church. :)

Eight of the new contestants have been revealed, the last 2 will be revealed later today at the Televizier golden ring awards, for which the program has been nominated. It's kind of like the Dutch version of the Emmies.
They've been nominated 5 or 6 times now out of the 12 seasons.. But they missed out by a mere 100 or so votes last times (it's a public vote). The problem is that other programs that are their competitors are on air now (as opposed to the Mole) campaigning.. I hope they finally win it this time..

At any rate... Here's the first footage of those 8 known contestants in SA:


Featured contestants:

* Daniel Boissevain (actor)
* Carolien Borgers (comedian)
* Zarayda Groenhart (tv hostess and VJ)
* Paulien Cornelisse (comedian)
* Joep van Deudekom (comedian)
* Janine Abbring (tv and radio hostess)
* Tim Haars (actor)
* Tania Kross (soprano, singer).

The first group photo of the new contestants of S13 in SA was released a few hours ago.  :wohoo:  :hearts:

From left to right:

* Zarayda Groenhart (hostess tv shows, former VJ)
* Joep van Deudekom (comedian)
* Tim Haars (actor, tv host)
* Kees Tol (actor)
* Carolien Borgers (comedian)
* Ewout Genemans (actor, tv host)
* Tania Kross (soprano, (opera) singer).
* DaniŽl Boissevain (actor in tv drama's)
* Janine Abbring (tv and radio host)
* Paulien Cornelisse (comedian)

Soo... any hunches or speculations about the Mole yet?? :sab

Also, two notes:
1) One contestant had a rather bad accident and was operated on in SA, so they were eliminated because of that.
Any information about this I request to be via PM with me and NOT to be put in this topic as I don't want people to be spoilt who don't want to. So please kindly refrain from any comments about this in this topic!!

2. This is the first time we're having an opera singer among the contestants.  :tup:
Also this is the first time the Mole ever visited the African continent in all the international series as far as I know.  :)

Personally I'm very excited about this, I think SA will be a wonderful location!  :hearts:  :colors

Will you be translating this series as well?


--- Quote from: Coolio! on October 22, 2012, 06:54:43 PM ---Will you be translating this series as well?

--- End quote ---
I plan to yes if I can find some help from friends. :)
It's a lot of work though, so I can't make any solid promises yet, especially with deadlines at work and other IRL stuff.
But if I can, I will. :)

 :hoot: :hoot: :hoot:

Bring them on please...  :roses: :please: :dancer:


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