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Australian Season 3 CONFIRMED for 2014!

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I don't think it's looking good guys. The show costs so much to produce and ratings just weren't good enough this last season plus with all the new shows lined up in 2013 for 7 I think it's safe to say our beloved race has been replaced by another generic renovation show (House Rules?) or the cheaper to produce The Mole: Culture Clash. All they care about at this point is profit and money. So what if the race is being nominated for an international emmy? That means nothing unfortunately and realistically for us fans. It was good while it lasted  :'(

Be positive. The show had great rattings but the the average was down because of AGT as a lead in for the first coulpe of eps.

We've seen the show potental In the rattings (1,000,000 +) and 7 should take the show back for at least a third season (with a good rattings lead in this time).

We need to start a petition to keep the show alive.


--- Quote from: supah3ro on October 19, 2012, 06:06:31 PM ---We need to start a petition to keep the show alive.

--- End quote ---

If the money to produce is the issue then let 1 or 2 NZ teams join in exchange for extra funding from the network in NZ .

They can also shothen the race from 12 to 10 legs, reduce the cast from 11 to 10 teams and strip a leg over 2 nights (like TAR Israil) to increase adverstising revene.

Stripping a leg over two nights doesn't increase the revenue, it just makes half the episodes anticlimaxes.

I'm hearing it's about 90% certain Seven plan on doing The Mole and TAR Australia in alternating years, with Grant hosting both. Which would mean no race until 2014.


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