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Australian Season 3 CONFIRMED for 2014!

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--- Quote from: SteKay on August 27, 2013, 09:10:36 PM ---The casting in both of TAR Australia's seasons were 2 of the best overall ever IMO (especially 2)

--- End quote ---

Glamazon Racer:
Yep, TARAus did absolutely awesome with casting. If a third season comes, I hope the casting is just as good. And if the quality of tasks and leg structures are more consistent, it would be very good.

I just hope it comes back...

Currently reliving Season 2 on TV in NZ at the moment. Just had the Dubai leg.

So season 3 won't happen at the end of this year it seems, but be on the lookout early next year!

That sucks.

Off topic: Mo from TARAu1 has a role on a new Muslim sketch comedy show on SBS called "Legally Brown"


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