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Australian Season 3 CONFIRMED for 2014!

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 :welcome: to RFF wanzhoutjt!! :waves:

At the rate the Mole is going, I do hope it continues to decline in ratings just so The Amazing Race Australia is brought back for a 3rd season. Stupid stupid move channel 7!

I have been talking to a lot of people and they prefer TARAus over The Mole because at the prescribed timeslot The Mole is currently getting (primetime 7:30PM) they have had to almost dumb down the entire gameplay to make it more 'family/kid friendly' and this has almost been taken in a mocking or comical approach from original diehard Mole fans. The race doesn't need to do that to be able to cater to everyone which is why even at the 9PM timeslot the second series premiered at last year it attracted more views than the meager 650k the latest Mole episode received!

The Race also has an eclectic mix of likeable characters and not so likeable villains but almost in a tongue-in-chic fashion (Paul acknowledge and almost accepted the role of the villain last season) and has a genuine rollercoaster of emotions whereas I am finding myself HATING the male contestants on The Mole and disliking a lot of the female contestants too (and the 3 episode a week format enhances this).

The Race should have NEVER been replaced with The Mole and I do hope 7 are paying the consequences for it now. They should've used the AGT budget for The Mole but keep TARAus and have them both airing around the same time but on different nights in my opinion (or at least one in the first quarter and the other in the next quarter) (and also getting rid of ridiculous [cheaper to produce but nevertheless moronic at best] shows like Please Marry My Boy and Beauty & The Geek Australia).

RANT over but I seriously do hope someone associated with 7 sees my post and brings The Amazing Race Australia back! :hoot:


I can see you tarauslover ;)

And neither do I like that marry my boy show...  :stare

I feel degraded if somehow my mom do something like that...

I swear I used to prefer The Mole to The Amazing Race until I watched The Mole Australia season 6.

What a dumb show it is. No challenges is original. So slow-paced and dull. I'm very very disappointed.

Seven Network you killed my favorite show

With The Mole going down in the ratings in, my recommendation is to keep your ears open for season 3 speculation. I wouldn't be surprised if they downsize a little bit. I am thinking 10 teams with 1 from NZ to drum up excitement across the Tasman(like MKR3) and 11 legs instead of 12/13.  Hopfully the overall quality of the show does not suffer and I think I speak for all of us when I say 1 episode a week (#don'tmoleusagain7). Also I wouldn't be surprised if 7 try and get more syndication deals for TARAu to compensate for some of the shows budget (they recently sold the rights to air TARAu in South Africa)


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