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Australian Season 3 CONFIRMED for 2014!

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--- Quote from: tarauslover on May 16, 2013, 10:56:44 PM ---Grant said he would be more than happy to host a 3rd season if it fits in with his schedule. Though I do know about some other people being 'trained' for the hosting position in the past especially for the second season.

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Can you tell us who? (I have big money on Grant Denyer)

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I don't remember his name but he was a retired AFL star looking to get into TV presenting and it wasn't Ben Cousins.

Well, hopefully there is a third season as I thought the second season was very strong!


--- Quote from: DaveyCaper on May 17, 2013, 08:22:42 AM ---Well, hopefully there is a third season as I thought the second season was very strong!

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I agree. Season 2 was comparable to some of the better TARUS seasons (minus some poor leg designs in the middle of the race) but did it get the ratings 7 wanted (even thought the show aired after Australia's Got No Talent for the 1st half of the season which was ratting badly last year and the timeslot changes to TARAU)


Someone might have a good speculation and/or explanation of what's happening in Melbourne CBD and Sydney CBD at the same time...

First, I thought it's a local race because they wear uniform, but then there's a logo (that seems a little legit/official) of TAR Australia...

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--- Quote from: melbtar on June 13, 2013, 10:39:15 PM ---Multiple sightings of contestants in Melbourne, Australia.

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That's too far to be true?!   :ascared

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--- Quote from: redwings8831 on June 13, 2013, 10:43:07 PM ---???

--- Quote ---Binny Hendrix ‏@binnyhendrix

'The Amazing Race' people running around Melbourne CBD right now. Wonder if they're legit.


10:55 PM - 13 Jun 13

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Amazing Race hits McKillop St?

The Amazing Race competitors getting my business card is a checkpoint? :/

Just went for a walk in Southbank in Melbourne. Is there another Australian Amazing Race coming up?

Almost got bowled over a bunch of times by these guys all wearing different coloured shirts, amazing race run! Sydney city CBD

Probably a local race. I don't think it would be smart for them to wear shirts advertising TARAus :lol:


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