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Australian Season 3 CONFIRMED for 2014!

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This is not good news...

--- Quote ---The future for The Amazing Race Australia is unclear following Sevenís 2013 Programming launch in Sydney on Tuesday.
The show didnít rate a mention in Sevenís Press Release despite the fact it has attracted a solid fanbase in just two seasons.
Sources tell TV Tonight that whilst Seven called for Auditions for a third series in August, so far it hasnít locked onto a third season.
Thatís despite solid reviews and a nomination for an International Emmy Award. The first season also attracted strong ratings, but the second suffered from multiple timeslots and a hiatus during the Olympics.
Applications close on October 30 with filming usually taking place in November / December.
The activeTV series, hosted by Grant Bowler, is every bit as good as the US version, so fingers crossed it wins a third season.
Seven did not respond to enquiries.

--- End quote ---

Source: TV Tonight:


Lets all collectively pray the show comes back! They bring interesting destinations in Cuba ad Israel

These shows also didnt get a mention at the Press Release

--- Quote ---
Deal or No Deal , Beauty and the Geek, Please Marry My Boy, Dinner Date, RSPCA Animal Rescue

--- End quote ---
and Australiaís Got Talent disbite getting a mention at the Press Release is still not 100% confermed for a season next year. If TARAU is going down then I hope it takes AGT down too (Its because of this (bleep) that TARAU had a bad rattings for the first few episodes and brought the average down).

If TARAU win their Emmey, Odds are we will see a Season 3. If not the fate of TARAU will hang in the balance.


--- Quote from: Leafsfan on October 17, 2012, 09:05:33 PM ---Lets all collectively pray the show comes back! They bring interesting destinations in Cuba ad Israel

--- End quote ---

Don't forget the strength of the cast as well.


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