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Australian Season 3 CONFIRMED for 2014!

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This is not good news...

--- Quote ---The future for The Amazing Race Australia is unclear following Sevenís 2013 Programming launch in Sydney on Tuesday.
The show didnít rate a mention in Sevenís Press Release despite the fact it has attracted a solid fanbase in just two seasons.
Sources tell TV Tonight that whilst Seven called for Auditions for a third series in August, so far it hasnít locked onto a third season.
Thatís despite solid reviews and a nomination for an International Emmy Award. The first season also attracted strong ratings, but the second suffered from multiple timeslots and a hiatus during the Olympics.
Applications close on October 30 with filming usually taking place in November / December.
The activeTV series, hosted by Grant Bowler, is every bit as good as the US version, so fingers crossed it wins a third season.
Seven did not respond to enquiries.

--- End quote ---

Source: TV Tonight:


These shows also didnt get a mention at the Press Release

--- Quote ---
Deal or No Deal , Beauty and the Geek, Please Marry My Boy, Dinner Date, RSPCA Animal Rescue

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and Australiaís Got Talent disbite getting a mention at the Press Release is still not 100% confermed for a season next year. If TARAU is going down then I hope it takes AGT down too (Its because of this (bleep) that TARAU had a bad rattings for the first few episodes and brought the average down).

If TARAU win their Emmey, Odds are we will see a Season 3. If not the fate of TARAU will hang in the balance.


--- Quote from: Leafsfan on October 17, 2012, 09:05:33 PM ---Lets all collectively pray the show comes back! They bring interesting destinations in Cuba ad Israel

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Don't forget the strength of the cast as well.

I don't think it's looking good guys. The show costs so much to produce and ratings just weren't good enough this last season plus with all the new shows lined up in 2013 for 7 I think it's safe to say our beloved race has been replaced by another generic renovation show (House Rules?) or the cheaper to produce The Mole: Culture Clash. All they care about at this point is profit and money. So what if the race is being nominated for an international emmy? That means nothing unfortunately and realistically for us fans. It was good while it lasted  :'(


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