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Yep. It's been moved to 9:30pm Wednesdays, effective immediately (ie tonight). Not sure what this means about pacing - some people are reporting it'll be re-edited down to 'one elimination = one episode', others are reporting a double episode next Wednesday which suggests that won't be the case.

A lot of people were waiting for this but 7 got greedy by stretching out the show. If they wanted a success then they should of kept the traditional 1 elimination = 1 episode = 1 time a week instead of dragging it out.

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I am loving this right now. This is what 7 gets for messing with the format of an originally good show as well as having it replace the arguably best international version of one of the best reality shows (The Amazing Race) to ever grace our tv screens. I hope you learnt your lesson! Now bring back the race and I can perhaps give you some tips on how to market it effectively this time!

Glamazon Racer:
The show could've been decent with one episode a week and a decent cast. The casting seems awful aside from Ylla <3 and one or two others.

Ok it may be floping in the ratings but the last episode was great. Alliances are forming and a division between young and old is being created.


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