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The Mole (Australian Version)

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All I can say is. Thank goodness it is not Grant Deyner (the overexposed Ch 7 personality)

Another good thing is that he is a self proclaimed "mole nerd"

I think Seven Network should really learn a lesson from ABC. The situation today is pretty much like what it was like 5 years ago, when after a 4-year hiatus in 2008 ABC decided to pick up the American version of The Mole to run its fifth season, and finally refused to renew it after its failure in ratings. That time ABC didn't seem to care what made its bad ratings--they were treating it like a lottery, not giving much attention in many aspects while daydreaming the lottery-ticket could turn out to be a bonus eventually.

Yes but unlike the US version, the Australian version was very popular. In addition we have seen that shows coming back after a few years hiatus can be successful. Just look at BB AU (canceled in 08) returned last year and it was popular enough to get another season this year. So a new season of The Mole I believe (and hope) will be quite successful (or at least successful enough to get another season)


--- Quote from: tarauslover on January 11, 2013, 01:26:57 AM ---I love Shura he's awesome! And it's great that he's a big fan of the show too so hopefully he'll bring some genuine enthusiasm to it. My friend got an audition and apparently almost made it but missed out at the last stage, or maybe that's what they want me to believe! :o

--- End quote ---
they are the mole...

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