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Yeah the rate of non-elimination is rediculous..
I guess they had a different planning in mind i.e. 2 a week or something to this extent. Now it seems they just don't even care anymore for the people who are still watching and following after their own huge faux-pas about programming. Seven can just go ***** itself ... (well you know what, I won't lower myself to that..  :funny:)

The whole exemption thing made no sense anyway. Running to get an exemption on a Mole challenge... Really..?!!! :groan:
Let alone the fact that most people never even had a chance.
I guess they wanted the 'easy getting of an exemption' thing to be opposed to the whole group not wanting person X to get it anyway especially the lousy way they 'earned' it, to evoke more drama or whatever. So I'm guessing (and also hoping) that it will be taken this way too this time.

Regardless it renders any 'exemption' and freebie given in this game so useless and pointless yet again, at the rate and in way they are handed out basically. It's definitely not the way they have been used on the Dutch series and hopefully never will be, because it's way out of proportion and makes the competition unfair in the way it's all being simply given away almost. Someone should actually EARN something by doing a physically or mentally difficult challenge -  or preferably both  - and then just keep it.. Instead of getting it easy and then defending it to the point they'd probably lose it anyway..  I mean, what's the frigging point..?  :gaah:

Glamazon Racer:
I agree with what you say about the Exemption Topita. It was a little bizarre.

After the latest episode, Aisha is now very much on my Mole radar. As Hillal pointed out, she should've easily won the Freebie in the lifesaving challenge, and yet Erin beat her because she lagged behind. The Mole might not care about a freebie as much as they would care about blowing $5000......

Erin is still my #1 suspect. Aisha's a possibility. I'd throw Hillal in there as a possibility, but I cannot see anybody else as the Mole.

I've been suspecting Erin from almost episode 1 and haven't wavered really.
I see no reason to change my opinion, after the most recent ep.

I also feel like they have been setting Aisha up for being a rival-finalist (for a while now).
This last episode seemed to be the 'Let's make Aisha look suspicious' show altogether, but really when you look at the facts what has she done...?? She DID NOT go abseiling, knowing the Mole would guess she would. She only dug where she was told (Sam was being totally stupid there but too dimwitted and cowardly to own up to it imho).
She even chose the frigging money when she could have opted for freebies or an exemption maybe with the exemption being bought off-thing to come...

Also if she were the Mole the show would have never made such a big deal about the $3000 thing. I imagine it's probably just a misplacement or the Mole got in there but went unnoticed. No way they would put the limelight on it if she were the actual Mole imho. Just sayin'..  :)

Glamazon Racer:
Those are some fair points. I'm still firmly behind Erin too, but the thing I found most suspicious is that Aisha did not seem to fight for that freebie at the beach run, which perhaps would be something the Mole would do. Could be nothing - considering it was only one freebie- but worth mentioning.

Glamazon Racer:
This auction things that's about to happen looks intense! :P


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