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The Mole (Australian Version)

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--- Quote from: SuperTux on October 18, 2012, 04:34:40 AM ---
--- Quote ---The contestants will come from different worlds.

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What does this mean? Is it to say that there's no limits in contestants' nationalities? :ascared

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I think there is no limit but contestants would have to have a australian permanent resident (like all shows in australia)

More Tips For Host

Grant Dener - Grant.D has hosted nearily everything from Au got Talant to Iron Chef Au,  As well as being the weatherman on Sunrise and a former V8 (Like nascar) driver. If 7 cant get anyone else we will more than likeily see him host .

App are now also open. They are open to both Moles and other contestants.

--- Quote ---If your gut feeling is always right, if you think you can spot a “Mole” at one hundred paces, if you think you are a great judge of character, you could be the one who outsmarts The Mole.
Perhaps you can sabotage without suspicion  and fly under the radar – maybe you’d make the perfect Mole. Either way you need to apply to have a shot at winning a huge pot of cash.
You must be 18 years of age or older, as of January 1st 2013 and also an Australian Citizen or permanent resident to compete in The Mole."

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Hooray!!! Finally got to see it on TV..!!  :wohoo:

If I never get on TAR this is the show I want to go on.


--- Quote from: starrynight on October 18, 2012, 01:54:49 AM ---I think I liked Tom Williams more, though Grant Bowler improved after being terrible in the first season (which also had a bad cast).  The next 4 seasons had very good casts, particularly the last 3 I thought.  Way better than The American Mole which I think put too much emphasis on the prize money than on putting together a good production and a likeable enough cast.  The Dutch version is also great, and I'm not tired of watching that.  :D

--- End quote ---
Totally agree with you, the cast got better over time. :)
I was a little hurt to see that OP apparently doesn't want to watch the Mole in Dutch anymore :( Happy to read you appreciate it.  :<3

I'm obviously over the moon about this news.  :hearts:  :wohoo:
I loved the Australian versions, except for S5 with the live test and elimination it just took away so much of the mystery and turned it into a milking machine for sms cash. :(

Hope they won't be doing that again, but as I understand this is the same channel that produced Australian TAR 1 & 2 I have faith they'll make a good show of it, with a good cast..
I hope the series won't air before March, when the Dutch series ends - this way we can just keep enjoying the Mole vibe for several months..  :colors :sab  :conf:

Really excited about watching it and sharing suspicions with you all!! It's been wayy too long this great show has been off the air in Australia as well as the USA, so happy they're giving it a new chance!!  :hrt:


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