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Tired of watch The Mole in dutch.

Well I found that the Australian 7 Network have announced at their 2013 programing event (what you in the US call upfrounts) that The Mole is coming back for a 6th season next year.

The mole aired 5 seasons from 2001 - 2005. The first 4 were hosted by TARAU host(with a bad haircut) Grant Bowler and Season 5 was hosted by Tom Willams.

It's an all new game of strategy and teamwork as the team try and win challenges, put money in the kitty and work together while at the same time they identify which one among them is working for the producers to sabotage challenges as they ask themselves, who is the trator? Who is the mole?

Sourse (one of my favorite tv related websites) TV Tonight

I know that there are plenty of fans of the mole here on rff who maybe dont know Dutch. So this should come as great news for you.

Sign ups should be coming soon. Keep an eye on the 7 website.

Reilly Queens:
Omg now anderson has to come back and do usa mole :lol:

Good news! Thanks for sharing!

More Information

At this stage the seasion will be subtitled Culture clash

--- Quote ---The contestants will come from different worlds. With varying socio-economic backgrounds, religions, cultures and beliefs, itís a sure-fire recipe for conflict and tension as they try to uncover the moleís identity.

--- End quote ---

Sourse: http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2012/10/seven-set-to-celebrity-splash-into-2013.html

My Tips For Host

Grant Bowler- Grant. B hosted seasons 1-4 but declined on season 5 due to a prior commitments.He always said that he would love to return and all 7 have to do is give him the call. The idea of him being host is suported by the fact that he is Host of TARAU and Narrator of Border Security (both are on 7). However his up and comming Holywood acting career might get in the way, so the ulimate queston for him is can he fit in The Mole and TARAU around his acting career. If he can, we will see him host.

Tom Williams - Tom hosted season 5 after Grant declined. But he has been MIA from nework 7 since 2010 and some fans of the show were not fans for Tom's hosting in season 5. I think he is an unlikily choice.

An outside choice - It is posabliy that 7 may chouse a different network personalty.

BEST NEWS EVER!!!! Hooray!!!


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