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Mug Costanza:
Hey there, Ernie and Cindy (whenever you get here :P)!

I'm having pretty mixed reactions for this season. I feel like there's too much repetition this season: The route it becoming very similar to your season (first leg in a Chinese-speaking country, two legs in Indonesia, now we've got the next two legs in Southeast Asia), and the cast feels recycled to me (married couple with interesting occupation, second season in a row with "Dating Divorcees" tagline, third season in a row with twins).

On the other hand, out of the three episodes there have been so far, there have been two really close races to not be last (Legs 1 and 3), and the other one had a pretty shocking elimination, I thought (Amy & Daniel... thought they would make it REALLY far).

So I guess my question for the two of you is: Have you been noticing the same things I have, and what are your overall impressions of the season so far?

And then on a separate note, who do you think will make the Final 3? I know it's only been three legs, but I don't think there have been three obvious choices yet.

Thanks, guys! :waves:

Hey All!  Glad to see so many questions before we start.  Dramatic finish last night but unfortunately our girls got out  :'(

Regarding the questions posed...[Ernie] I don't really see the point of the blind U-turn.  We talked about it last night with Rachel & Brendon and came to the conclusion that maybe the race was trying to promote the usage of the U-turn since people wouldn't necessarily be called out right away.  For me, if you're worried about teams being mad at you, it's the difference between them being mad right then and there or being mad later on that evening when someone spills the beans.  I mean, you're gonna find out either way, it's just which way makes you feel less guilty...if that is even an issue.  I don't think, however, that production saw the usage of it playing out as awesome as it did.  It literally made the show, but I also can't believe that Gary & Wil had no idea where the other teams were when all the tasks were in the same park!   :tantrum

[Ernie] We would've definitely used the blind U-turn in our season if the situation called for it.  It's this simple...the U-turn is a tool of the race and you need to use all your tools to get ahead.  It's not like you would turn down an express pass if someone gave it to you?!?!

[Ernie] I like the remaining teams...mostly.  The twins are my kind of people and the chips are growing on me.  The chips have some good one liners that keep it interesting.  They haven't really had an opportunity to show the teams using their wit a bit more, but it's early.  Production is simple because there are so many teams and I'm anticipating some awesomeness down the road here.

--- Quote from: redskevin88 on October 14, 2012, 08:40:54 PM --- :hello2: Ernie & Cindy. Questions.

1. What do you guys think of the Blind W-turn? Do you think the decisions to use the U-turn were the right one?
2. If you had the Blind W-turn in your season, would you have used it.
3. What do you think of the teams remaining?

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Hello, Ernie & Cindy :hello2:

It's my first time to be here. I'm really happy to be able to speak with you guys. :hearts:

My question is how do you handle the language barrier you encountered during the race? You guys handled it very well in Indonesia, but Cindy got some problem whit it while doing Roadblock in Malawi.

Thank you so much, guys. :hrt:

[Ernie]  So far this season I've been satisfied with the cast.  A good diverse mix of people from all over and most seem to be genuinely good people.  I think the issue for most viewers at the moment has got to be the tasks.  There really aren't the challenges one would hope for from The Amazing Race.  I mean, I watched China Rush last season and I think they had better challenges!...well not really, but the US version isn't doing much better at the moment.  I'm just really convinced that they are budgeting for some really amazing things towards the end of the season when there are less teams and fewer costs to manage.

--- Quote from: gigglypiggies on October 15, 2012, 07:12:36 PM ---Hey! First time I'm going to be able to participate in this!  :conf: Of course still not with you guys...but close enough.  :lol:

This season seems to have a lot of bad taxi luck, 2 of the 3 eliminations so far were due to bad cabbies! I hope this doesn't continue, because then the F3 would be made up of who was the luckiest with cabs as opposed to who raced the best. But that Caitlyn/Brittany Will/Gary race to the pitstop was one of my favorite TAR moments ever...very dramatic.  Even though one of my favorite teams were eliminated. When Gary and Will uturned Chia and his girl I was sure that they would be eliminated.

So far, what are you guys thinking about this season? I think it has a good cast and some dramatic moments, even if some of the tasks are less than great.

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Hi! It's interesting that you ask this question tonight because we recapped our answers both with Rob's Podcast and AfterbuzzTv!

We pretty much feel like these tasks are so easy! The teams are getting so lucky with the tasks! Take for example, Egg head. All they had to do in this detour was sit and hold a coconut on their head. The local participants fried up the egg and made the fire and everything! I would have picked that task in a heart beat!  And last week's bull racing was so pointless.  You sat on a motorcycle and raced against the bulls... but you didn't actually have to beat them! You still moved on to the next task. So basically, this just paced out the teams rather than having anything to do with skills to complete the task. We did hear that "Lion Head" was tough though - the lion head was about 40 lbs and you had to put some bite piece into your mouth to hold it up.  That would have been tough and we're surprised at how many teams chose this part of the detour.  The roadblock for this episode was also super easy. The food didn't have to make it to the table edible, just with no broken plates! 

I hope they start to amp up the tasks. So far in the first three legs, the most challenging was probably the rapelling down the bridge in Pasadena, and even then, you're just going down the wire anyway!  I have a feeling Bangladesh will bring some tougher tasks.

This race so far has been about navigation and luck of the taxis.  Time to see what skills these remaining teams have!!! What do you think? What would you like to see the racers do?

--- Quote from: Declive on October 15, 2012, 07:23:32 PM ---Hey Ernie and Cindy!

Here is my question :

What are you thinking about this Season's tasks , so far? Because i think they are not very challenging...

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