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The only teams that ~HAVE~ to be there are Lumilia and Sam/Renae. I'd like to see Big W but they're tenth placers.

Well hopefully there's a few more seasons before an All Stars edition. Speaking of which, they go back to work today so we should hopefully be hearing some news or an update soon on the future of the race and season 3.

I think a lot of teams from the 3 series deserve to come back for a 2nd time. :hrt:

I'll make a list once I finish series 1.

Season 1
Sam & Renae
Alana & Mel - Redemption story!
Richard & Joey

Season 2
Paul & Steve
Michelle & Jo
Lucy & Emilia
James & Sarah
Maybe Sticky & Sam

Season 3
Sally & Tyson
Ashleigh & Jarrod

And maybe Aston & Christie vs. Elizabeth & Todd to reignite their hilarious, short-lived rivalry.  (If she wants anything from me, she can eat a bag of dicks because Im not giving you anything! / Yeah its really great you two-faced bitch!)

Teams I'd like to see return:

Actually, they're all too good! Even if I don't like them in their original season, I just think seeing them a 2nd time will be great! I'll just list my Top 10. :lol:

1. Lucy & Emilia
2. Sue & Teresa
3. Anne-Marie & Tracy
4. Sam & Renae
5. Richard & Joey
6. Emily & Jono
7. Alana & Mel
8. Ross & Tarryn
9. Carla & Hereni
10. Adam & Dane

But really, I'd be delighted to see an Australian & Oceanian all-star season if it happens! :hearts:


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