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Since there were no equalizers on leg 5 and we got all the start times for leg 5 and 6 we can figure out which teams completed the course quickest in leg 5.

Actual speed on the course:
1.James & Abba      +0:002.Trey & Lexi       +0:283.Abbie & Ryan      +0:324.Rob & Kelly       +0:415.Jaymes & James    +1:296.Natalie & Nadiya  +1:377.Josh & Brent      +3:20
From this we can draw a number of conclusions:

* James & Abba did run a quick leg. They might have been helped bu the fact that traffic might have been a bit lighter at the start of the leg, but probably not all that much. All in all they are a pair of worthy winners of this leg.

* It took Jaymes & James at little more than 40 minutes to go back and pick up their missing bamboo poles (since they were 37 minutes after Trey & Lexi at the pit stop).

* Abbie & Ryan gained more than an hour on Natalie & Nadiya during the detour. Given the fact that they didn't gain on the other teams as much this is probably an indication that the twins really struggled with the bamboo (or had transportation trouble).

* The editing of the episode makes it seem as if Josh & Brent arrive at the bamboo market before Jaymes & James and Trey & Lexi leave. But at the pit stop they are almost 2 hours behind these teams. So in that case they must have really struggled with the bamboo.

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 21, Episode 5, "Put your sexy on"
Film date: 5-6/6 - 2012

Teams are released from the pit stop at Lok Shilpa Jadughar, Dhaka Bangladesh, in the following order:
1.James & Abba      08:302.Abbie & Ryan      11:04(+2:34)3.Natalie & Nadiya  12:10(+3:40)4.Rob & Kelly       12:31(+4:01)5.Trey & Lexi       12:53(+4:23)6.Jaymes & James    13:30(+5:00)7.Josh & Brent      15:04(+6:34)Teams get $100 for this leg of the race.

Route info: Fly to Istanbul, Turkey.

Once teams arrive in Istanbul they must make their way to the Kabatas ferry terminal where they'll find their next clue. Teams seem to be directed to get their tickets at a specified travel agency, Galaxy travels.

In an interview we learn that Abba is having problems with his knees, but that is not stopping them.

 "Thanks Bangladesh, it's been real. It's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun", Ryan is glad to travel on
 "We love the fact that Abbie & Ryan is a competitive team. But Ryan rubs everybody the wrong way. I've no animosity, but they're just too weirdo", Natalie
 "Let's go get a newer car", Rob is picky about the taxi at the starting line
 "It's a fun country and the people have been great. But we'd just gotta get out of this heat", Josh is ready to move on

Even though teams are hours apart the first teams all meet up at the travel agency. This agency seem to have just one computer which the teams can use so they all take turns researching Istanbul.

 "The two most annoying teams on this race, the rockers and Twisted sisters", Ryan does not appreciate sharing the travel agency
 "You put those six head together and you get about 3 brain cells", Ryan have no high regards for the rockers, twins and monster truckers.

At the travel agency Nadiya finds a wad of American dollars on the floor. At this point in time they are standing next to Trey & Lexi and James & Abba have just sat down at the computer.

 "Oh, whose money is this?", Nadia claims to have asked for the owner (but Natalia hushed her up)
 "Nadia, can we use this?", Natalia
 "You better give it back to them", Trey
 "I have a good conscience, you know when it comes to stuff like this the drive gets strong", Natalia
 "I could tell that Lexi had the same idea as Nadiya and I", Natalie

The money has been dropped by James & Abba. Who eventually realize they have lost it, but only after the other teams have left. They think they lost it in the cab.

 "It can't happen like this", Abba blames himself
 "Oh, nothing has happened yet dude, we only need 100 bucks", James does not consider this the end of the race
 "It sucks", Abba feels ready to give up
 "I know, but it's not gonna stop sucking until we take care of it. So let's take care of it", James keeps his wits about

They leave to start begging for money while realizing that this may not be easy in a poor country like Bangladesh. But they are smart lads and go to the business district, where people have more money. Here they find people to be very generous generous and in no time they have $100 again.

 "This is my country, you're my guest", a local
 "I don't have any words to express the gratitude of giving us that amount of money. It was 100 bucks", Abba is moved in the interview
 "Very very fantastic people here in Bangladesh", Abba as he steps in the taxi
 "Bangladesh good, not bad", the taxi driver sums it up

At the airport Natalie & Nadiya decide to split the money with Trey & Lexi.
 "Come on, lets split this money. I feel guilty", Nadiya
 "We decided we're gonna split the money. That way the guilt can be split up half and half. And they're christians so they'll pray for us", Nadiya

This whole episode is edited to make it look like the twins stole the money from the rockers. But there are indications that they did ask production what to do and that they were told to keep they money. I am fairly certain that we haven't been told the entire truth and it will be interesting to hear what the twins and the texans have to say after the race.

Anyway all teams make the same flight, probably:
 EK585 DAC-DXB 22:03-00:58+1  (33 minutes late)
 TK761 DXB-IST 03:03-06:21

Once they land most teams jump into taxis. The exceptions are Jaymes & James and Rob & Kelly who jump onto the metro. If there is a lot of traffic then the metro is going to be faster. But at this time in the morning there isn't much traffic so the taxis are much faster. Jaymes & James learn this on the metro so they get off like scolded rats and catch a cab instead (at 07:07).

 "We're not followers, we're gonna go our own way", Rob on why they do not do leave the metro

Rob & Keller persist on taking the metro. They have met locals who claimed that the metro is faster. Initially it looks like they might have made the right move. But then they have to change to a slow moving tram instead and this a lot slower than the taxis. In interviews they also state that they got detained by the police for a while when changing to the tram (for looking suspicious while running down the street).

Teams reach the Kabatas ferry terminal in the following order:
 1. James & Abba
 2. Abbie & Ryan
 3. Natalie & Nadiya
 4. Trey & Lexi
 5. Josh & Brent
 6. Jaymes & James
 7. Rob & Kelly

 "Ah, there's a bunch gone already. Shoot, we're not as fast as we thought we were", Jaymes picks up his clue

Route info: "Welcome to Europe, now make your way back to Asia". teams must now travel by ferry to Uskadar, on the Asian side, and search the area for their next clue.

The boats leave often and teams end up on different boats, bot not necessarily far apart:

Boat #1 carries
  James & Abba

Boat #2, a couple of minutes after #1, carries
  Abbie & Ryan
  Natalie & Nadiya
  Trey & Lexi
  Josh & Brent

Boat #3 carries
  Jaymes & James

Boat #4 carries
  Rob & Kelly

Teams find the clue box in Uskadar in the following order:
 1(+0) James & Abba
 2(+2) Trey & Lexi
 3(+2) Josh & Brent
 4(-2) Abbie & Ryan
 5(-2) Natalie & Nadiya, within a few seconds of #2
 6(+0) Jaymes & James, at 07:58
 7(+0) Rob & Kelly

Route info: Make your way by Taxi to Misir Carsisi and search for shop No. 14 and your next clue.

Their target now is the spice bazaar. The irony here is that teams probably passed it in their taxis on the way to the ferry terminal. But the route on the Race is not meant to make sense, it is meant to pass a number of scenic spots, and possibly sometimes to delay the races suitably much.

Teams reach the shop in the spice bazaar in the following order:
 1(+1) Trey & Lexi
 2(-1) James & Abba, a second after #1
 3(+2) Natalie & Nadiya
 4(+0) Abbie & Ryan, a second or so after #3
 5(-2) Josh & Brent
 6(+0) Jaymes & James
 7(+0) Rob & Kelly

The clue here comes with a box of Turkish Delights.

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: 'Simit' or 'Scrub It'

Simit: Deliver the daily bread!
First, as a team, stack 200
Simit, a circular bread with
sesame seeds, on trays at a
local bakery. Then deliver the
Simit, using the traditional
technique, to three nearby

Scrub It: Get a deep body
... purchase the
.... from a shop

--- End quote ---

In simit teams must transport Turkish bagels, known as Simit, to three different addresses. They must figure out how to stack the Simit onto the trays before carrying them on their heads. The task is made easier by the fact that they have a round piece of cloth between the tray and their head, and they may use their hands to steady the tray.

In scrub it teams must first purchase their bathing items from a shop in the bazaar and then make their way to the Ayasofya Hamam. Here they will get a full Turkish Bath treatment before receiving their next clue. This task is very pleasant, if you like being massaged, but there is no way of making it go faster.

This is also where Josh & Brent encounter their speed bump.

--- Quote ---SPEED BUMP

Find the marked Maras
ice cream stand near the
New Mosque, Once
there, each you
should order a cone with
at least two flavors.
Once you have both
eaten all of your ice
cream and cones, you
may continue on with the

--- End quote ---

The rub is that there is an elaborate performance which the vendor go through where he fakes them getting the ice cream quite a few times before they finally giving them their cones. This is very entertaining to watch, but probably quite frustrating for the contestants who just want to get the task done.

 "This is gonna be a big headache", Josh knows what Turkish ice cream is about

The task takes longer since they first go to the wrong vendor. They are toyed with, get the ice cream and eat it. But when they go back to pick up their detour clue, at 09:00, the vendor of shop No 14 just tells them that they did not pass the exam. They realize their mistake and go out and find the correct vendor. They do not look amused.

In the end they complete their speed bump and receive their Detour clue before the two last teams arrive.

 "Oh my god, is this one of the 1000 things you're supposed to do before you die?", Lexi upon entering the very nice looking Hamam
 "We're washing off the last two legs in Bangladesh", Trey
 "He pulled my heart out, showed it to me while it was beating, said it was going too slow", Rocker James describes the massage (he exaggerates a bit)
 "Oh, it's cold", Jaymes gets splashed with water, and his facial expression is priceless

Josh & Brent have a hard time finding their first address since there is a language barrier. Josh is attempting to navigate and Brent carries the Simit. One of the locals Josh asks for help can't really answer since he is too busy laughing at the sight of Brent.

 "Josh is running around like a chicken with it's head cut off", Brent is fed up with Josh's navigating

Jaymes & James arrive at the Hamam as Abbie & Ryan leave.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+0) Trey & Lexi, scrub it
 2(+0) James & Abba, scrub it
 3(+1) Abbie & Ryan, scrub it, a few seconds after #1
 4(-1) Natalie & Nadiya, scrub it
 5(+1) Jaymes & James, scrub it
 6(-1) Josh & Brent, simit
 7(+0) Rob & Kelly, simit

Route info: Make your way on foot to Kapali Carsi and search for the marked fountain inside the bazaar.

Teams must now make their way to the Grand Bazaar and find the marked fountain inside (the place is big) where an urn holds their next clue.

 "Good, knees hurt. Let's just not walk more than we have to", Abba is in pain

Teams reach the fountain in the following order:
 1(+0) Trey & Lexi
 2(+1) Abbie & Ryan, a second after #1
 3(-1) James & Abba
 4(+0) Natalie & Nadiya
 5(+0) Jaymes & James
 6(+0) Josh & Brent
 7(+0) Rob & Kelly, as teams 5 and 6 still are doing the task

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who's ready to pour their
hearth out?

--- End quote ---

In this road block contestants must dress up as a local vendor and carry a long spouted brass teapot on their back. They must sell 40 glasses of Turkish Sherbet (the world's first soft drink). Once they have earned 40 lira (about $20) the sherbet vendor will hand them their next clue.

The teapots are cumbersome and pieces tend to fall of if not handled properly.

 "Natalie, 'cause she is single, Nadiya why her sister should 'Pour her heart out'
 "Get your sexy on Natalie", Nadiya gets the title
 "I was just being loud and obnoxious, like I normally am", Lexi describes her selling tactics
 "I'd rather Texas get it than Abbie and Ryan", Nadiya prefers Trey & Lexi to win the leg
 "I actually have a very strong history in sales", Brent feels confident about the selling task
 "Uh oh, you see Monster truck, you see Beekman boys, you know you're at the back of the pack. You know you're fighting for last", Jaymes
 "I'm starting to freak out a little bit", Jaymes is really worried

Ryan is making slow progress, at least until he engages a local to help him sell (on a commission basis). After that business starts flowing.

Teams complete the road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)Trey & Lexi*       (3-4)2(+0)Abbie & Ryan*      (3-4)3(+0)James & Abba*      (3-3)4(+0)Natalie* & Nadiya  (3-4)5(+0)Jaymes & James*    (4-3)6(+0)Josh & Brent*      (3-4)7(+0)Rob & Kelly*       (4-3)         

Route info: Make your way by taxi to the next pit stop. The next pit stop is in a park next to the ship Savarona.

On their way to the pit stop Josh & Brent get stuck in traffic on a small street. After a while they are fed up and exit the taxi and start directing the traffic. They manage to extract their taxi and can continue on.

Teams Phil in the following order:
 1(+0) Trey & Lexi, win a trip to Australia
 2(+0) Abbie & Ryan
 3(+0) James & Abba
 4(+0) Natalie & Nadiya
 5(+0) Jaymes & James
 6(+0) Josh & Brent
 7(+0) Rob & Kelly, are eliminated

 "I tell you what, without Kelly I'm nothing", Rob gives credit to his wife

These are invaluable, maf! Love the inclusion of the quotes!



--- Quote from: georgiapeach on November 09, 2012, 08:19:11 PM ---These are invaluable, maf! Love the inclusion of the quotes!

--- End quote ---

Thank you for those kind words. And I also want to thank those involved for the nice new title I have received. I'll carry it with pride.
 :yess: :conf: :yess:

We are the ones proud to have YOU sharing with us! :hrt:


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