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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 21, Episode 1, "Double your money"
Film date: 26-28/5 2012

This season starts at the Colorado street bridge in Pasadena, California. The teams arrive in a hippie bus and are:

* Trey & Lexi, football player and cheerleader, dating from Austin Texas.
* Natalie & Nadya, twins born in New York and raised in Sri Lanka
* James & Abba, rock star and lawyer from Los Angeles
* Josh & Brent, goat farmers from Sharon Springs, New York
* Amy & Daniel, dating on and off for 10 years from Creston View, Colorado. Amy is a double amputee and has artificial legs.
* Caitlin & Brittany, best friends from the mid west
* Rob & Sheila, lumberjacks from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
* Gary & Will, substitute teachers and best friends for 35 years.
* Abbie & Ryan, dating divorcees from San Diego, California
* Jaymes & James, Chippendale performers from Las Vegas, Nevada
* Rob & Kelly, married monster truckers from Boston, Georgia
Choice quotes:
 "I'm hoping that we win this race so I can finally get a ring on my finger", Lexi has plans
 "We're comfortable being uncomfortable", the rock stars have experience
 "Rob is definitely the boss of this relationship"", Sheila
 "Will and I have applied for the race 7 times. We are the largest fans, the biggest fans, the superedest fans.", Gary
 "If we don't win the race I'm getting a divorce... from him", Will has humor
 "I would not be satisfied with anything but first place. I want world domination, I want to be bowed down to", Ryan

At the starting line Phil gives his usual spiel. He tells the teams there will be 12 legs, 9 countries and more than 25.000 miles. He also lets teams know that if the team which wins the first leg also wins the final leg, then that team will win 2 million dollars instead of the usual 1 million.

The first task is just around the bend of the bridge. It is a 10 stories rappel down from the bridge to the ground below. Once down teams can open their next clue and jump into the sponsors cars.

Both members of a team are joined by a short rope so they have to descend at the same speed.

Choice quotes:
 "I don't know if I can do this", Gary is not fond of heights

The first teams to reach the ground are:
  1. Josh & Brent
  2. Caitlin & Brittany
  3. Trey & Lexi
  4. Jaymes & James

The actually rappel seems to go fairly quickly. The main difference is that it takes some teams much longer to get started.

Route info: Make your way to Shanghai, China.

Once inside the cars Phil appears on the video screen and says: "You may only travel on one of two flights. China airlines flight 7, scheduled to land at 10:50 am. And Eva air flight 15, scheduled to land at 12:05 pm. Warning, only the first seven teams to check in at the China airlines counter will get tickets on the fastest flight."

Teams end up traveling on the following flights:

The first flight was probably:
  CI007 LAX-TPE 01:43-06:10 (departed late but landed on time)
  CI501 TPE-PVG 09:18-11:11 (landed 0:21 late)
This carried:
 Jaymes & James
 Caitlin & Brittany
 James & Abba
 Amy & Daniel
 Abbie & Ryan
 Natalie & Nadya
 Rob & Kelly

The second flight was probably:
  BR015 LAX-TPE 01:25-05:50 (landed 00:20 early)
  BR712 TPE-PVG 10:10-12:03 (landed 00:02 early)
This carried:
 Josh & Brent
 Trey & Lexi
 Rob & Sheila
 Gary & Will

At the airport Josh was nice and let Rob & Kelly get ahead of them. Unfortunately this caused Josh & Brent to just miss the first flight.

When teams land they must proceed by taxi to Yuanshen sports center stadium where they will find the next clue box. Or at least that is what we are shown. In reality the clue they received at the starting line directed them to travel by train into the city. At the train station they found a clue box containing the clue directing them to the sports center.

Teams reach the sports center in the following order:
  1. Jaymes & James, around 12:20
  2. Caitlin & Brittany
  3. Natalie & Nadya
  4. Abbie & Ryan
  5. James & Abba
  6. Amy & Daniel, not long after #1
  7. Rob & Kelly, had trouble finding the right place
  8. Trey & Lexi
  9. Rob & Sheila, around 13:15, after #8 has left
 10. Gary & Will, after #9 has left
 11. Josh & Brent, as #10 leave

Here we also see that Roby & Kelly is the only team having rollaway bags. All the other teams use backpacks.

Road block: Who's ready to get paddled?

In this road block teams must play table tennis against a Chinese junior champion. They must score one point against this opponent. To make things go slower they only get to play one ball before the champion moves to the next table.

To make matters more interesting she will only use a normal paddle for the first few balls. Then the champion will use common household items to play. The items she will use are in order:
 1. Ping-pong paddle
 2. Clip board
 3. Frying pan
 4. Tambourine
 5. Pen case
 6. Cellphone
 7. TAR clue

All players get creamed by the girl except Josh who gets a lucky break.

Choice quotes:
 "These kids are crazy', Jaymes feel humiliated that his partner is getting beaten by a kid with a clip board
 "She had some mad skills with a ping-pong ball", Daniel
 "Just hit it like this. Slam it", Nadya is full of helpful tips
 "Shut up", but her sister does not appreciate the help
 "At home, Trey like rocks at ping pong", Lexi has faith in her partner

Teams complete the roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+3)Abbie* & Ryan      (1-0)Clip board 2(+3)James* & Abba      (1-0)Clip board 3(-2)Jaymes & James*    (0-1)Clip board, at 12:29 4(-2)Caitlin* & Brittany(1-0)Frying pan, at 12:30 5(+1)Amy & Daniel*      (0-1)Tambourine 6(-3)Natalie* & Nadya   (1-0)Pen case 7(+0)Rob & Kelly*       (0-1)TAR clue 8(+0)Trey* & Lexi       (1-0)Clip board 9(+0)Rob* & Sheila      (1-0)Frying pan, at 13:1510(+0)Gary* & Will       (1-0)Clip board, at 13:2311(+0)Josh* & Brent      (1-0)Paddle         

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to Cui
Ping Jiu Jia.

Note: You will find Cui
Ping Jiu Jia at Gui Zhou
Lu 107.

--- End quote ---

Cui Ping Jiu Jia turns out to be a restaurant where teams find their next clue held by a yellow and red frog status outside the entrance. Teams arrive here in the following order:
  1(+1) James & Abba
  2(-1) Abbie & Ryan
  3(+1) Caitlin & Brittany
  4(+1) Amy & Daniel, before the first team is done
  5(-2) Jaymes & James
  6(+0) Natalie & Nadya
  7(+0) Rob & Kelly
  8(+0) Trey & Lexi, before #7 (who was on the first flight) have left
  9(+0) Rob & Sheila, as #8 finish up
 10(+0) Gary & Will
 11(+0) Josh & Brent

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who wants to go tubing?

Note: If you did the Table
Tennis Roadblock, your
partner MUST do this.

--- End quote ---

Inside the clue reads:

--- Quote ---Enjoy a traditional
Chinese dessert -
Hasma, the fallopian
tubes of female frogs.

--- End quote ---

Each player gets a plate with two hollowed out papayas filled with Hasma and a pair of chopsticks.

The additional information for this challenge states "You may not pick up the plate or the papaya from the table" and "You must use your chop sticks to eat all you food. You may not use your hands."

Natalie engages the other restaurant guests and have them all chanting for Nadya.

Choice quotes:
 "It was like overcooked macaroni", Abba
 "Papaya is may favorite fruit, was", Abba is not too fond of the food

 "Hmm, amazingly good. Have you not had Fallopian tubes baby", Ryan to Abbie
 "I have two, but please don't eat mine", Abbie takes the literal approach

 "Everything my mommy told me about how to eat, I let go out the window", Jaymes

 "Oh, I ain't eating two more", Rob does not want to eat another serving (but he eventually does anyway)

The monster truckers do not read their clue correctly so Rob lifts the papaya from the table. He gets told this when he has eaten all and have to start over again with a new serving. In later interviews we also learn that initially Daniel started to eat their serving, even though he did the table tennis. But Amy realized they were making a mistake and did the task instead. They did not get a penalty for this.

Teams complete the roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)James & Abba*      (1-1)around 12:59 2(+0)Abbie & Ryan*      (1-1) 3(+2)Jaymes* & James    (1-1) 4(+0)Amy* & Daniel      (1-1) 5(-2)Caitlin & Brittany*(1-1)at 13:11 6(+0)Natalie & Nadya*   (1-1) 7(+0)Rob* & Kelly       (1-1) 8(+0)Trey & Lexi*       (1-1) 9(+0)Rob & Sheila*      (1-1)10(+0)Gary & Will*       (1-1)11(+0)Josh & Brent*      (1-1)         

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to the
Bund and search for the
woman using an abacus.

--- End quote ---

The woman teams need to find sits by the waterfront. She is wearing a red dress and sitting under a red parasol with a yellow foot. She works with an yellow and red abacus in her lap and the clues are hidden in a bag. All in all this makes it easy to miss her, specially since the Bund is a rather large place. So it should come as no surprise that a lot of teams have a difficult time locating her. And we get lots of shots where the cameraman zooms in on her in the background while having a bewildered team in the foreground.

Rob & Sheila ask at a hotel before they go to the Bund and are directed to the Bank of China. So they waste time by looking there.

Josh & Brent are lucky as a passerby recognizes another pair of crazy Americans and directs them right to the lady.

Rob & Sheila are also give directions by a passerby, but still have trouble locating the lady.

During this we get shots from an interview where Jaymes talks about how they need the money to be able to help his dad.
We also get to see a few teams not tell others that they have found the lady. This includes Natalie & Nadia and Gary & Will.

Choice quotes:
 "We are looking for a lady using an abacus. Why isn't she using a calculator?", Ryan at least knows what an abacus is
 "James, this makes no sense. Jaymes is loosing it while searching

Teams finally find the abacus lady in the following order:
  1(+3) Amy & Daniel
  2(+0) Abbie & Ryan
  3(+2) Caitlin & Brittany
  4(+2) Natalie & Nadya
  5(+2) Rob & Kelly
  6(-5) James & Abba
  7(+4) Josh & Brent
  8(+2) Gary & Will
  9(-1) Trey & Lexi
 10(-1) Rob & Sheila
 11(-8) Jaymes & James

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way on foot to
the next Pit Stop: The
Bund Signal Tower.

Warning!! The last
Team to check-in may
be eliminated.

--- End quote ---

As Amy & Daniel get directions from a local Abbie & Ryan appear and asks if they found the lady. They are nice and tell Abbie & Ryan. Unfortunately for Amy & Daniel this does not bring good karma for them. Instead it enables Abbie & Ryan to sprint past them and nab the first spot.

Jaymes & James have a hard time finding the lady. When they spot Caitlin & Brittany sprint pass they follow, all the way to the pit stop. However, to their credit, the moment they spot Phil they realize their mistake and turn around. They keep looking and eventually encounter Trey & Lexi on their way to the pit stop and get told to look for a lady in a red dress.

Choice quotes:
 "Sorry guys, this is for two million", Ryan as they pass Amy & Daniel
 "Gary and I will do anything to win. We will cheat, decieve.", Will & Gary, being superfans of the show, will do anything to win
 "Just say ten, please lord", An exhausted Jaymes approaches the mat

Teams reach the pit stop at the roof next to the actual tower in the following order:
  1(+1) Abbie & Ryan, win the chance to win $2 million
  2(-1) Amy & Daniel, less than a minute after #1
  3(+0) Caitlin & Brittany
  4(+0) Natalie & Nadya
  5(+0) Rob & Kelly
  6(+0) James & Abba
  7(+0) Josh & Brent
  8(+0) Gary & Will
  9(+0) Trey & Lexi
 10(+1) Jaymes & James
 11(-1) Rob & Sheila, a few seconds after #10, are eliminated

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 21, Episode 2, "Long Hair, Don't Care"
Film date: 29-30/5 2012

Teams are released from the pit stop at the Bund signal tower in Shanghai in the following order:
1.Abbie & Ryan      05:35 2.Amy & Daniel      05:36(+0:01) 3.Caitlin & Brittany05:41(+0:06) 4.Natalie & Nadiya  06:05(+0:30) 5.Rob & Kelly       06:08(+0:33) 6.James & Abba      ??:??(+?:??) 7.Josh & Brent      ??:??(+?:??) 8.Gary & Will       ??:??(+?:??) 9.Trey & Lexi       ??:??(+?:??)10.Jaymes & James    ??:??(+?:??)
Route info: Fly to Surabaya, Indonesia. When teams land they have to travel to the Alun Alun stadium. This rather small stadium is where they will find their next clue. Teams also learn that the winner of this leg will get an express pass.

 "We need to go to Indonesia, Ind-do-nesia", Caitlin asks a local on the streets of Shanghai

At the airport 9 teams go via Jakarta:
  GA895  PVG-CGK 10:05-15:21

In Jakarta there is a mad dash to the transfer desks to try to get tickets to the first flight to Surabaya. The only team which manages to get tickets to this, very full flight, is James & Abba who end up on:
  GA322 CGK-SUB 17:02-18:25 (was supposed to be 16:35-18:00)

The rest have to take:
  GA324 CGK-SUB 18:28-??:?? (was supposed to land at 19:00 but departed 0:53 late so it probably landed around 19:45)

 "Long Hair, don't care just ran through, they might have got it", Jaymes get the title while waiting at the transfer desk

The only team which is by themselves is Rob & Kelly who travel via Hong Kong on:
  KA871 PVG-HKG 08:20-10:55
  CX781 HKG-SUB 15:55-19:38 (landed 0:03 late)

 "They're all together so either we made a big good move or we made a really bad move", Kelly see the other teams at the airport

I can't fathom why Rob & Kelly did not at least check which flight the other teams were on. Getting separated from the pack this early in the race is very risky. They are lucky that the first thing teams encounter in Indonesia is an hours of operation.

The way the episode is cut it looks like Rob & Kelly land long after all the other teams. But looking at the flight times above we see that they probably landed before the second plane from Jakarta. Even so they probably exited the airport last since they arrived on an international flight and had to clear immigration and customs.

 "From the jump Nadia and I felt that we really liked Lexi & Trey. We call them the Texans. They're so far away from home", Natalie
 "Bull-racing at 8 am tomorrow. They don't have air conditioning in this place and it is hot as crap", Brittany looks worn

The clue at the stadium is a red and yellow sign "Take a number" which hangs on a fence over 10 numbered whips. Next to this hangs a poster for Bull races which start at 08:00. This is fairly hard to spot so some teams spend a long time looking for it. Eventually they all find it in the following order:
  1. James & Abba
  2. Amy & Daniel
  3. Abbie & Ryan
  4. Jaymes & James
  5. Trey & Lexi
  6. Natalie & Nadiya
  7. Josh & Brent
  8. Caitlin & Brittany
  9. Gary & Will
 10. Rob & Kelly

Production has been kind to the racers and arranged a huge trailer nearby where they can spend the night.

The next morning at 8 the gate opens and teams eventually learn that all they have to do is ride shotgun on  pair of mopeds as they try to beat the bulls on a short course. The mopeds turn out to have not even a whisker of a chance since the bulls are crazy fast. But this does not matter since teams get their next clue anyway once they reach the goal.

So there is no skill at all involved in this task and the only purpose of it is to space the racers (probably about 5-10 minutes between each team) and to provide heaps of local color.

 "We slipped up on the first leg, we're not gonna let it happen on this leg. We're going after that express pass", Daniel
 "We got this whip and we see some bulls. We're not really sure what's gonna happen next", James
 "This is crazy and awesome, we're racing bulls on a motorcycle", Amy sums it up

At the finish line teams get their next clue.

Route info: Make your way to the Genteng Kali bridge. Here the next clue can be found in a basket under a bunch of red and yellow balloons.

Teams reach the bridge in the following order:
  1(+0) James & Abba (shortly before 09:40)
  2(+0) Amy & Daniel
  3(+0) Abbie & Ryan
  4(+0) Jaymes & James
  5(+0) Trey & Lexi
  6(+0) Natalie & Nadiya
  7(+0) Josh & Brent
  8(+0) Caitlin & Brittany
  9(+0) Gary & Will
 10(+0) Rob & Kelly, seconds after #9

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who likes to party?

--- End quote ---

In this road block contestants must operate a pedal-powered amusement ride which seats four kids. While pedaling this contraption they must make 8 pieces of balloon art for the kids (one animal and one hat for each kid).

The first hurdle is to select four children. Some kids come willingly while others require more persuasion from their parents. All the kids are of course adorable.

This task is much harder than it looks. It is hot and the constant pedaling doesn't help. And while pedaling contestants have to make balloon animals, which is not easy. The editors have no shortage of shots of exploding balloons. The larger contestants also keep banging their knees into the machines they are pedaling.

Will is having a specially hard time. He is sweating, breaking balloons and generally not making any progress at all. After all other teams have left Gary manages to get him to calm down a bit before trying again. After that he starts making progress.

 "I assessed the situation immediately as only a rock star can do, keep the kids entertained", Rock star James
 "If they were referring to real partying I would have said me. But because it is the Amazing Race and we knew the challenge wouldn't be to down 30 shots of tequila I went with it", Natalie and Nadia
 "The kids are probably nauseous", Amy has been pedaling for quite a while
 "Good job guys", Jaymes congratulates Trey & Lexi when the latter are done
 "There are just some things that gays are naturally better at, and balloon animals is one of them". Brent
 "This is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my whole life. It freaks me out, this creative stuff, I can't do it", Will

Teams complete the roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+4)Trey & Lexi*       (1-2) 2(+0)Amy* & Daniel      (2-1) 3(+3)Natalie & Nadiya*  (1-2) 4(-3)James* & Abba      (2-1) 5(-1)Jaymes* & James    (2-1) 6(-3)Abbie* & Ryan      (2-1) 7(+0)Josh* & Brent      (2-1) 8(+0)Caitlin* & Brittany(2-1) 9(+1)Rob* & Kelly       (2-1)10(-1)Gary & Will*       (1-2)         

Route info: "Make your way to Wijaya motors and search for your next clue." The problem is that the clue does not give an address and there are many shops with Wijaya in their names. So some teams struggle to find this location.

None struggle as much as Amy & Daniel who spend hours and almost all their money. The change taxis multiple times before they finally find it.

 "There's no information in Indonesia", local lady to Amy

All teams eventually find it and a lady inside who is giving out the clues in the following order:
  1(+0) Trey & Lexi
  2(+1) Natalie & Nadiya
  3(+2) Jaymes & James
  4(+2) Abbie & Ryan, around 10:33
  5(+2) Josh & Brent
  6(-2) James & Abba
  7(+1) Caitlin & Brittany
  8(+2) Gary & Will
  9(+0) Rob & Kelly, a few seconds after #8
 10(-8) Amy & Daniel

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: 'Ice-By-The-Pound' or

Ice-By-The-Pound: Deliver ice
to market! Load 10 blocks of
ice at an ice factory onto a
waiting delivery truck. Then
deliver the ice to a marked
area at the entrance of Pasar
Ikan Pabean to receive your
next clue.

Fish-By-The_Barrel: Stock the
fish market! Carry 2 barrels of
fish, using traditional
methods, to an empty stall in
Pasar Ikan Pabean. Then
crush ice and sort the fish, by
type, into separate bins to
receive your next clue.

--- End quote ---

Each block of ice weights 65lb. Once they arrive at the market they must load it on an old bicycle cart and deliver it to a stall. It seems to not matter if the ice-blocks breaks during transport, as long as they bring all pieces.

Natalie & Nadiya put on an impressive performance here. Not only do they work fast and efficiently. But they also show that they are not afraid of getting dirty and smelly.

 "Only thing is, all my sweaty makeup is gonna be on this... fish", Natalie
 "I pretty much think we're screwed", Gary see they are behind Rob & Kelly and think they are last

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+1) Natalie & Nadiya, fish
  2(-1) Trey & Lexi, ice
  3(+0) Jaymes & James, ice
  4(+0) Abbie & Ryan, ice
  5(+0) Josh & Brent, ice
  6(+0) James & Abba, ice
  7(+0) Caitlin & Brittany, ice
  8(+1) Rob & Kelly, ice
  9(-1) Gary & Will, ice
 10(+0) Amy & Daniel, ice

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Search, on foot, for the
next Pit Stop in the area
outside of Brambang
Pasar Pabean.

Warning!! The last Team
to check-in may be

--- End quote ---

The next pit stop is in an alley behind the market. The editing makes it look like this place is easy to find. But in reality the market is huge so it may be a daunting task to find Phil. Eventually all teams reach Phil and the pit stop in the following order:
  1(+0) Natalie & Nadiya, around 11:10, win the express pass
  2(+0) Trey & Lexi
  3(+0) Jaymes & James
  4(+0) Abbie & Ryan
  5(+0) Josh & Brent
  6(+0) James & Abba
  7(+0) Caitlin & Brittany
  8(+0) Rob & Kelly, at 12:25
  9(+0) Gary & Will, shortly after 12:30
 10(+0) Amy & Daniel, at 13:30, are eliminated

 "Oh my gosh, you guys stink", Phil gets a hug from Natalie
 "The stars just didn't align today with us", Amy

The editors make it look like it is a close race between Gary & Will and Amy & Daniel, but in reality they are about one hour apart.

Amy & Daniel are hearth broken when told they are eliminated. But they refrain from blaming anyone but bad luck for their downfall. That's classy!

Next week teams will fry eggs on their heads and encounter a double U-turn.

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 21, Episode 3, "There's no crying in baseball"
Film date: 31/5 2012

Teams are released from the pit stop just outside Pasar Ikan Pabean in Surabaya, Indonesia, after a 19h pit stop in the following order:
1.Natalie & Nadiya  06:072.Trey & Lexi       06:12(+0:05)3.Jaymes & James    06:16(+0:09)4.Abbie & Ryan      06:19(+0:12)5.Josh & Brent      06:26(+0:19)6.James & Abba      06:34(+0:27)7.Caitlin & Brittany07:08(+1:01)8.Rob & Kelly       07:22(+1:15)9.Gary & Will       07:32(+1:25)
Route info: Make your way to Antika Jaya Padang. Caution U-turn ahead. This destination turns out to be a restaurant where teams will find their next clue.

Natalie & Nadiya have problem finding out how to make their way to the next route market. They run into Trey & Lexi and decide to work together.

 "Guys, we should go and wait for the other teams to see what they are doing at this point. We can go with the stupid Chippendales", Natalie

All the front teams are interested in an alliance so they decide to work together. The first four teams are together when they finally find out they have to take a taxi to the next route marker.

 "This is a perfect example as when you've numbers you just do dumb *beep* things because you feel safe", Nadiya feels bunching up was a bad idea

The latter teams do not bunch up and show a bit more urgency.

 "I can get punched in the face but I still won't cry. I mean, there's no crying in baseball", Brittany get the title talking about how tough they are
 "we have become that team you say 'What are they doing there?'.", Gary realize they are not a top performing team
 "When you do it for real it is so much harder", Gary find the race harder than it looks

Natalie & Nadiya have not only lost their lead. They also end up with a bad cab driver so after a while they switch taxis.

Teams arrive at the restaurant in the following order:
 1(+1) Trey & Lexi. around 06:50
 2(+3) Josh & Brent, a couple of minutes after #1
 3(+1) Abbie & Ryan
 4(-1) Jaymes & James, within seconds of #2
 5(+1) James & Abba, as #1 leave
 6(-5) Natalie & Nadiya, after #5 have left, around 07:25
 7(+0) Caitlin & Brittany, arrive while #6 is doing it
 8(+0) Rob & Kelly, as #6 leave
 9(+0) Gary & Will, after #8 have left

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who wants to serve a
balanced meal?

--- End quote ---

In this road block contestants must server 20 plates of food Padang style. They must successfully carry 20 plates of food from the kitchen to a table, all at once. The task is made significantly easier by the fact that there are no hygienic requirements regarding the food. The only condition is that they must not drop any plates. If they do they have to return to the kitchen and try again.

 "My first job was working at Old Sara's Pancakes. When I got to Las Vegas I served drinks. I know how to carry a tray.", Jaymes has experience

Teams complete the road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+3)Jaymes* & James    (3-1)On his first shown attempt at 07:022(+1)Abbie & Ryan*      (2-2)On his first shown attempt, seconds after #13(-2)Trey & Lexi*       (1-3)On her second shown attempt at 07:124(-2)Josh & Brent*      (2-2)On his second shown attempt[/i]5(+0)James & Abba*      (2-2)On his first shown attempt6(+0)Natalie & Nadiya*  (1-2)On her second shown attempt7(+0)Caitlin & Brittany*(2-2)On her first shown attempt8(+0)Rob* & Kelly       (3-1)On his first shown attempt, at 07:549(+0)Gary* & Will       (2-2)On his first shown attempt, at 08:10         

A lot of contestants have very dirty shirts when they leave this road block.

Route info: Make your way to Surabaya Gubeng train station... Travel by train to the town of Bangil... Take a seat and keep your eyes open for your next clue.

The first train departs at 07:36 and carries:
 1. Trey & Lexi
 2. Josh & Brent
 3. Abbie & Ryan
 4. Jaymes & James
 5. James & Abba

Natalie & Nadia just miss this train. In interviews afterwards Caitlin & Brittany say that they got to the station before the twins. But this is not shown.

The train ride takes about one hour.

The second train departs at 10:55 and carries:
 6. Natalie & Nadiya
 7. Caitlin & Brittany
 8. Rob & Kelly
 9. Gary & Will

Teams on the first train are elated when they learn from a local that the next train isn't until 10.55. Most of them agree to not use the upcoming U-turn. The only team on that train which keeps apart are James & Abba who are sitting in a different part of the train so they are not involved in the discussions.

The mood on the second train is a bit more grim. These teams know they are fighting to avoid last place. But Caitlin & Brittany are confident since they think they are a lot stronger than the other teams on that train.

On the train there are vendors selling food to the passengers. One of these also carries the next clue.

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: `Lion's Head' or
`Egg Head'

Lion's Head: Join a parade!
Play the part of a magical
lion, known as "Singa

--- End quote ---

in Lion's Head teams must don a costume and a heavy lion's head and take part in a procession. Every now and then they must stop and perform a series of choreographed moves. Players do not need to learn the moves beforehand since there is a choreographer in front of them all the time who shows them what to do. The only way to fail this detour is to drop your lion's head. And nobody does this.

In Egg Head teams must first travel to a market and buy four eggs from a marked stall. Then they must travel to the same park where the lion's head detour takes place and find a local magician. The magician and his helpers will then split a couple of coconuts. Players must hold a coconut half above their head while the magician lights a fire in it. The magician will then produce a frying pan and cook an omelet on the fire burning on the players head. Both players get to make omelet at the same time. Once done they pour hot sauce over it and the players have to eat it. There isn't much the players need to actually do in this detour. Just navigate to the stall and park and then hold the coconut half on their head and finally east some omelet. But it looks very impressive.

When the train arrives in Bangil teams must continue in bicycle rickshaws.

 "We're in Indonesia. It's not designed for two gentlemen who are 6"4", Jaymes

Gary & Will have walked to the extreme front of the train in hope of this being the fastest way into the station. Unfortunately for them this means they are actually farthest from the platform. So they are very last out on the streets.

When teams arrive at the Alun-Alun park they find it a riot of colors and sounds. The producers have conjured up a local festival here. Teams doing the Lion's head suit up and quickly learn that the head they have to wear is really big and heavy. Like 40lb. It has to be held in the mouth, but they also use their hands to help holding it.

Caitlin & Brittany have trouble communicating with their driver. So it takes around 15 minutes just to pay him. They are clearly very frustrated by this.

 "I don't know how many dudes have had their mouth on this thing before me.", James has a disturbing insight

 "The eggs were fresh. I mean we're farmers, we know fresh eggs. These were laid this morning", Josh, the egg connoisseur

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1. Abbie & Ryan, lion
 2. Jaymes & James, lion
 3. Trey & Lexi, lion
 4. James & Abba, lion
 5. Josh & Brent, egg, around 09:17
 6. Natalie & Nadiya, lion
 7. Rob & Kelly, lion
 8. Caitlin & Brittany, lion
 9. Gary & Will, lion
 9. Gary & Will, egg

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to
Perliman POS. 1. where
Dorang, Cucut. Hiu,
Sepat and Musing meet.

--- End quote ---

At this location there is a small police station/shed in which teams will find a blind double U-turn board and a clue box. Teams reach this in the following order:
 1(+0) Abbie & Ryan
 2(+0) Jaymes & James, after #1 have left
 3(+0) Trey & Lexi, half a second or so after #2
 4(+0) James & Abba
 5(+0) Josh & Brent
 6(+0) Natalie & Nadiya
 7(+0) Rob & Kelly, U-turns Gary & Will
 8(+1) Gary & Will, U-turns Rob & Kelly
 9(-1) Caitlin & Brittany

The shed where the sign is located is small and Nadiya is in a hurry so she bangs her head into the camera in her haste to reach the clue box.

 "I wanna see our picture. Oh, we're just cute", Natalie admires their picture on the U-turn board (it's probably the first time they've seen it)
 "Natty, shut up", But her sister is focused on the race

 "They're behind us and we need a head start", Rob on why they U-turn Gary & Will

Yet again Caitlin & Brittany have bad luck with their driver. This one has probably handled other teams earlier in the day so he know here they ultimately want to go. Thus they end up at the pit stop. Changing driver does not help. Eventually they go back to the detour park.

At this point seasoned TAR watchers assume that Caitlin & Brittany are way ahead of Gary & Will and the producer only highlight their problems in order to make it look like a tight finish. This happened as late as the last episode where the last two teams seemed close but in reality was 1h apart.

Meanwhile Gary & Will reach the U-turn and find their picture. They can't decode whom to U-turn and they argue a between the monster truckers and the girls. If the U-turn hadn't been blind the decision would have been easier since they would have seen Rob & Kelly's picture on the board. As it is they eventually choose wrong and U-turn Rob & Kelly. And all the viewers assume this is the final nail in their coffin.

Gary & Will feel a bit down but still do their best with the egg detour. They seem to make quick work of it. And as we see them sitting in the park with their heads on fire we see Brittany & Caitlin in the background running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

The clue by the U-turn sign reads:

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to the
next Pit Stop: SMA
Negeri 1 Bangil School.
Once there, search the
grounds for Phil and the

Warning!! The last Team
to check-in may be

--- End quote ---

This is a wonderful pit stop location and players are greeted by a bunch of female students which cheer them on as they run up to the mat.

The girls reach the U-turn sign before Gary & Will get there the second time. They leave for the pit stop. But their driver takes them on a tour of the neighborhood before getting back to the U-turn sign again. They have more trouble, but after a while they see Gary & Will in front of them. The girls quieten down and get their driver to pass the boys. And the race is on.

 "Don't let them know we're coming up on 'em", Caitlin & Brittany are catching up to Gary & Will

This is where the finish gets really exciting. Gary thinks ahead a pays his driver before they have reached their destination. But the girls are ahead. And it does not look good for the teachers.

Up ahead is a T-junction. The girls driver go left while Gary & Will's go right. This is the pivot point which decides who gets last and who does not. After a few shots we learn that it is Gary & Will who went in the right direction.

Teams find Phil and the mat in the following order:
 1(+0) Abbie & Ryan, win a trip to Fiji
 2(+1) Trey & Lexi, seems to arrive less than a minuter after #1
 3(-1) Jaymes & James
 4(+0) James & Abba
 5(+0) Josh & Brent
 6(+0) Natalie & Nadiya
 7(+0) Rob & Kelly
 8(+1) Gary & Will, a minute or so before #9
 9(-1) Caitlin & Brittany, are eliminated

In a post race interview we learn that Lexi consider Abbie & Ryan a
big threat and that she would like to U-turn then in the future.

At the pit stop we also see that Abba have used white tape to write a
message on his T-shirt "Be dipherent, hi Fil!". They also talk about
how they prefer to run the race alone, away from the pack.

 "Fate was on our side today. We got lucky", Gary

 "I think that's one of the hardest things is leaving knowing that we're a lot better than, you know, teams that are left", Caitlin & Brittany are bitter

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 21, Episode 4, "Funky Monkey"
Film date: 1-3/6 2012

Teams are released from the pit stop in the following order:
1.Abbie & Ryan      21:522.Trey & Lexi       21:54(+0:02)?.Jaymes & James    ??:??(+?:??)?.James & Abba      ??:??(+?:??)?.Josh & Brent      ??:??(+?:??)?.Natalie & Nadiya  ??:??(+?:??)?.Rob & Kelly       ??:??(+?:??)?.Gary & Will       ??:??(+?:??)
It is hard to say if they were released in the vicinity of the school where the last pit stop was or somewhere else. The pit stop length was probably about 36 hours.

Route info: Fly to Bangladesh.

Teams must now fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Once they land they must make their way to, Rubel Model Auto Mobiles, a bus repair shop to get their next clue.

Only the first two teams are shown starting.

 "First place nerds, we're gonna try to repeat this", Ryan like being first

Yet again the producers have conjured up a late-night open travel agency. The first two teams are shown going there. The others are not shown.

All teams get on the same flight, probably:
  CI752 SUB-SIN 05:55-09:17
  SQ446 SIN-DAC 20:27-22:35

While boarding we learn that Gary & Will haven't figured out who U-turned them. But they, correctly, assume it was Rob & Kelly.

The above flight info is from spoilers. In the episode we see them buy tickets for a 10:00 flight from Surabaya on Singapore airlines. Teams probably switched to the earlier flight on the airport. There was also an earlier flight from Singapore to Dhaka on Biman Bangladesh Airlines which they for some reason did not use.

The episode makes it seem as if they arrive in the daylight hours, which do not match the flight information above. Via external means we have learned that teams spent the night at the airport before they were released the following morning.

Once they leave the airport in Dhaka chaos breaks out. Teams rush out of the airport into the chaotic streets outside to grab taxis. The only ones taking it easy is Rob & Kelly who go to a taxi stand inside the airport to pay for a taxi. This makes them seem to be the first team to find a taxi.

 "It's gonna be fun tryin' to get around this place", Rob comments on the chaotic streets
 "This is third world Grand Theft Auto, plus bulls and goats", Natalie & Nadia have an aggressive driver
 "Sure is a symphony of car horns out here on the streets of Dhaka", Chippendale James
 "It's the best wooden roller coaster ride I've ever been on", Music James find the ride bumpy
 "This place is Funky Monkey", Ryan gets the title (repeated by Abbie)

Gary & Will's driver takes a 'Short cut' which ends up being rather long. Rob & Kelly who got such a nice car from the airport end up at a landfill.

Eventually teams arrive at the bus repair shop in the following order:
 1. Abbie & Ryan
 2. Natalie & Nadiya
 3. Jaymes & James
 4. Rob & Kelly
 5. James & Abba
 6. Josh & Brent
 7. Trey & Lexi
 8. Gary & Will, apparently close to an hour behind the first team

 "These two idiots got here first", The twins seem to be jealous of Abbie & Ryan

The clue envelope found in a bucket here contains a fast forward and a road block clue.

The only team going for the fast forward is James & Abba.

The fast forward clue reads "Take part of a vital service for the people of Dhaka". Teams must fill a bag with dead rats, collected from three different locations. For this task production have thoughtfully provided gloves. They walk between the locations.

The rats look like real dead rats. And some people might have a hard time handling them. But not James & Abba, their main problem is rather finding the different locations. But this gets easier once they attract more and more local kids enjoying the show.

 "All right, let's hope for disaster for somebody. ... besides us", James & Abba have a hard time finding the first rat location
 "Like we never dealt with rats before in this business?", James have rat experience
 "There's that drummer, I remember him", James pretends to recognize a rat

 "We had a whole parade full of people, and it was really awesome you know. To sort of sit there and see these little kids, and they're all happy and they're all running through the streets you know. It kind of felt like the pied piper. You get these little special things sometimes which aren't part of the race. Enjoy them, appreciate them, because that's really what it's about.", Abba gets philosophical

Abba makes a misstep and steps into some raw sewage. A helpful local comes with water and rinses it off. But Abba is worried.

The task is kind of gross but they guys have no problems with it and at the end they are told to go to the pit stop. This happens before 11:20.

The other teams go for the road block:

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Who wants to fill in the

--- End quote ---

Teams have to use body putty to fill in the damage on a marked section of a bus. Once their work is approved they may then sand it so it is ready for painting. Finally they must remove three pairs of heavy seats from a bus and bring them to the refurbishing area.

This is a lot harder than it looks. The putty sets very quickly in the heat, and if the surface is not smooth enough they have to scrape it away and start over. This happened to multiple teams. According to interviews the task took around 2h to complete.

Ryan is careless with his information sheet so he has to ask the Chippendales to see theirs. He promises to help with the sanding as payment. James accepts immediately. The teams keep helping each other out, but Ryan never gets to help James sand since he is gone before James even get to the sanding stage.

 "We can't loose here, we're the only brownies, we have to win", Nadiya tries to motivate her sister
 "We do all our own repairs on our monster trucks", Kelly explains that they have experience
 "I have this *beep* Sri-Lankan girl yelling at me, I can't concentrate", Ryan does not appreciate Nadiya's shouts of encouragement to Natalie
 "Mine is looking like... just buck shot",James realize he has to start over
 "You have a girlfriend? My sister is single", Nadiya tries to influence the judge
 "It needs to be smoother. I'm not really sure how to make that happen. Mine have more crevices than the Grand Canyon", James is not satisfied with his work

Abbie & Ryan have a real hard time with Nadiyas shouted encouragements to Natalie. Ryan describes them as "It's just like fingernails on a blackboard". Eventually he tries to shut them up with "There's gotta be a no talking timeout", but to no avail. In the end we see Abbie pretend to shoot herself in the head to escape the constant barrage of words from Nadiya.

 "No way those girls can do that", Ryan finds the seats heavy.
 "I don't think they've ever seen a girl lift up a bus seat and like carry it over her head and just run", Nadiya

Teams complete the road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)Abbie & Ryan*      (2-3)2(+2)Rob* & Kelly       (4-1)3(-1)Natalie* & Nadiya  (2-2)4(+2)Josh* & Brent      (3-2)5(-2)Jaymes & James*    (3-2)6(+0)Trey* & Lexi       (2-3)7(+0)Gary* & Will       (3-2)probably just a couple of minutes after #7         

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to
Kawra Bazar Shootkir
Market and search a bag
of dried fish for a Race
"fish". Once found,
exchange it for your next

--- End quote ---

At the market they have to find the marked stall and search through a bag of dried smelly small fishes. Each team seem to get it's own bag to search.

On their way to the market Trey & Lexi's taxi breaks down. It takes a while before the driver, through some emergency cooling techniques and push-starting, get it going again.

 "They say to never give up on the race. You never know what's gonna happen", Gary has the right attitude
 "Good job guys", Even though Josh & Brent pass the Chippendales on the fish finding they are encouraged from the passed Chips

Teams find their fishes in the following order:
 1(+0) Abbie & Ryan, around 10:50
 2(+1) Natalie & Nadiya
 3(-1) Rob & Kelly
 4(+0) Josh & Brent
 5(+0) Jaymes & James, not long after #4
 6(+0) Trey & Lexi, at 12:29
 7(+0) Gary & Will

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: 'Pound the
Metal' or 'Pound the

Pound the Metal: Using
traditional blacksmithing
methods, forge a
Chheny, a spike used in
demolition for breaking
up rooftops.

Pound the Cotton: Using
traditional methods,
make a mattress.

--- End quote ---

In pound the metal teams must use sledgehammers to transform a round piece of metal into a spike. A local will help them by pointing out where to hit it with their blows. They must also pump the bellows to get the iron hot enough.

In pound the cotton teams must first pound cotton to remove all the lumps and then stuff it into a mattress which they finally have to sew shut. The hardest part of this task is that you must put all the cotton inside the mattress. Some teams forget this and have to open it, stuff the remaining cotton, and sew it shut again.

Both detours take place within walking distance from the fish stall.

 "She went to a fashion institute for a year. She made clothing", Ryan has faith in Abbie's sewing capabilities
 "You tell me what to do", Ryan cedes control to Abbie
 "I appreciate our wardrobe department just that much more", Jaymes & James find that sewing is hard
 "Josh used to sew a lot of his costumes when he was a drag queen", Brent lets Josh handle the sewing

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+1) Natalie & Nadiya, metal
 2(+1) Rob & Kelly, metal
 3(-2) Abbie & Ryan, cotton, after 11:13
 4(+0) Josh & Brent, cotton, about 12:32
 5(+1) Trey & Lexi, metal
 6(-1) Jaymes & James, cotton
 7(+0) Gary & Will, cotton

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to the
next Pit Stop:
Shambazar Can Mia

To get there, take a
riverboat from the
Keranigonj Kholamora
launch ghat to Swarighat
in Old Dhaka. Then
make your way on foot
or by bicycle rickshaw to
Phil and the mat.

Warning!! The last Team
to check-in may be

--- End quote ---

The pit stop is actually not all that far from the detour location. But teams must first travel relatively far by taxi to a place further up the river and then take a boat from there. Finally they must walk about a mile from Swarighat to the pit stop.

When Abbie & Ryan reach Keranigonj Kholamora they find out that the boat leaves in 5 minutes, so they wait anxiously hoping that no other team will arrive. Their hopes are dashed when Natalie & Nadiya appears before the time is up.

 "I'm a little annoyed that we are with another group", Abbie on the boat
 "Now it's gonna be a footrace between us and the crazies couple here, who are almost psychotic. And they're in like crazy good shape so we know they can sprint like hell", Natalie on the boat

Josh & Brent reach the harbor just after Rob & Kelly's boat have left. Rob pretends to be lost when Josh asks for travel details.

Rob & Kelly get a private boat and their captain ends up driving them directly to the pit stop. When they check in with Phil he tells them they had to travel by boat to Swarighat, so they have to go back to their boat, got to Swarighat and then walk from there.

 "You just cost me a million dollars", Rob is upset at their captain, but he just shrugs

Trey and Lexi also have a hard time navigating. Their taxi brings them directly to Swarighat. Here they run into Josh & Brent who explains what they need to do. They take a boat from Swarighat to Keranigonj Kholamora, and then directly take same boat back to Swarighat. When they arrive they run into Gary & Will who have also been left by Swarighat by their taxi. So they get to help the poor teachers like the goat farmers helped them.

Teams reach Phil and the mat in the following order:
 1(+4) James & Abba, at 11:59, win a trip to Antigua
 2(+1) Abbie & Ryan
 3(-2) Natalie & Nadiya, seconds after #2
 -     Rob & Kelly, have to go back to Swarighat
 4(+0) Josh & Brent
 5(-3) Rob & Kelly
 6(+0) Jaymes & James
 7(-2) Trey & Lexi
 8(-1) Gary & Will, probably at 16:24, are eliminated

Gary & Will are extremely disappointed that they are eliminated. But they accept their fate gracefully.

 "I would never trade this experience for anything in the world", Gary

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 21, Episode 5, "Chill Out, Freak"
Film date: 4/6-2012

2 hours before pit start musician James gets a distressing call from his wife. She tells him that his dad has been diagnosed with a bad form of cancer. All are very sorry, but his family urges him to continue with the race.

 "There's gonna be a place in my hearth where I'm just gonna have a bit more push", James will continue the race

Teams are released from the pit stop at Shambazar Can Mia Ghat in the following order:
1.James & Abba      07:392.Abbie & Ryan      09:41(+2:02)3.Natalie & Nadiya  09:42(+2:03)4.Josh & Brent      10:53(+3:14)5.Rob & Kelly       10:59(+3:20)6.Jaymes & James    11:10(+3:31)7.Trey & Lexi       11:34(+3:55)Teams receive a whooping $1 for this leg of the race.

Route info: Make your way to the Jatrabari Boro Bazaar.

Teams must travel to the largest produce market in Dhaka. Here they must find a Bagun vendor who will give them their next clue. No teams seem to have any real trouble locating the vendor once they get to the bazaar. Even though nobody bothered to tell them that Bagum means eggplant.

 "We want to be considered the strongest team who's ever raced. So I really want the record of the most legs won that Rachel & Dave just set", Ryan is ambitious

For this episode production seem to have arranged taxis. Teams must first head to a marked taxi stand at Sadhar Ghat to pick up their taxi. Josh & Brent have big trouble locating this place. In the end they arrive at the taxis as Trey & Lexi reach them around 11:50.

 "Okay, so we're off and sweating", musician James notes that it is hot
 "Next time someone says 'Go to hell', you say Oh you mean somewhere in Dhaka", Ryan does not consider Dhaka to be a paradise
 "Bagun? What is a Bagun", Jaymes doesn't really know what they are looking for at the market

In this episode we learn that the Chippendales have taken time to learn to say thank you in the local language.

Teams reach the eggplant vendor in the following order:
 1(+0) James & Abba
 2(+1) Natalie & Nadiya
 3(-1) Abbie & Ryan, a second after #2
 4(+2) Jaymes & James
 5(+0) Rob & Kelly
 6(-2) Josh & Brent
 7(+0) Trey & Lexi

--- Quote ---ROUTE INFO

Make your way to Ferry
Ghat Road under Demra
Bridge. Once there,
search for your next

--- End quote ---

Teams reach the clue box under the bridge in the following order:
 1(+0) James & Abba
 2(+1) Abbie & Ryan
 3(-1) Natalie & Nadiya, shortly after #2
 4(+1) Rob & Kelly
 5(-1) Jaymes & James, arrive as the twins leave
 6(+0) Josh & Brent
 7(+0) Trey & Lexi

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

It ain't heavy, it's a

--- End quote ---

The extra information reads:

--- Quote ---Weight wood the
Bangladeshi way. First,
build a scale. Then
collect enough wood to
equal the weight of four

--- End quote ---

Contestants must first build a tripod of three pieces of bamboo and some lashing rope. Then they can hang the scale from this. Once they get this approved they must fetch four stones from a pile and enough wood from another pile to equal the weight of the stones.

Some are better at building the tripod than others. Some build it too low and have to start over. Nobody have as much trouble as Brent. He gets a small detail wrong (the way one of the baskets is threaded through a hole in the crosspiece) and it takes along time until he find out what is wrong and can continue on to weight the wood.

 "40 years ago, as a boy scout, we used to make tents like that", Musician James have done similar things before
 "I can assure that, throughout the 80's I was no boy scout", But then he lived the Rock'n'roll life

 "I don't build things. I don't even know how to put up a Tipi, so I have no idea what the hell I'm doing right now", Abbie
 "I tie my sister together", The extent of Nadiya's rope experience

Natalie gets the title "Chill out freak", in an interview regarding Ryan. She and Ryan have a little moment while they wait for their partners to complete the road block. Ryan talks about getting his ear plugs but then starts to also shout "Twinnie". In the end Natalie teaches the local kids to cheer her partner on: Come on twinnie".

 "Good job Ab, way to dominate this", Ryan encourages Abbie when she gets her tripod up
 "Actually Naddie is dominating Abbie", Natalie points out that Nadiya is ahead though
 "I mean dominating her area", Ryan tries to save the situation

 "How's everybody doing today. You'll having fun watching the stupid white boys doing this? You can cheer if you want", Jaymes works the crowd of locals watching

 "Right now I'm feeling so exhausted I literally can not even think straight", Brent can't figure out what he is doing wrong

The Chippendales arrive as the twins are done with this task. At the start of the leg the Chippendales were 1.5h behind the twins. So either the scale building did take that long or somebody was lucky or unlucky in the transportation to the task. It is also possible that the first teams spent some time looking for the eggplant vendor at the market.

Teams complete the road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock)
1(+0)James* & Abba      (3-2)2(+1)Natalie & Nadiya*  (2-3)3(-1)Abbie* & Ryan      (3-3)4(+1)Jaymes* & James    (4-2)5(+2)Trey* & Lexi       (3-3)6(-2)Rob & Kelly*       (4-2)7(-1)Josh & Brent*      (3-3)         

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: 'Straw Dogs' or 'Bamboo

Straw Dogs: Join the production line
and help in the manufacture of jute
bags. First, assist in moving a load of
unprocessed jute from a riverboat to
the sorting facility. The, untangle the
fiber through a process called
'hackling'. Finally, deliver hackled jute
to Mill No. 2 to receive the clue that
will take you to the next Pit Stop.

Bamboo Jungle: Deliver the bamboo
used to build scaffolding at a
construction site. First, collect 40
pieces of bamboo in various lengths
and widths and load them onto a
freight rickshaw. Then deliver your
cargo to a nearby construction site to
receive the clue that will take you to
the next Pit Stop.

Warning: The last team to check in
may be eliminated!!

--- End quote ---

The straw dogs task takes place at the Latif Bawani jute mill.

In the bamboo task teams must transport the following:
  10 thick poles about 3m long
  10 thin poles, about 10m long
  20 thin poles about 3m long

The bamboo should be picked up from the marked racks in a the Tarabob bazaar bamboo market. The market is big and the marked racks are quite a bit away from the rickshaws. And since there are some tight corners on the way it turns out to not only be backbreaking work to carry the bamboo, but also a bit tricky to get the long poles around the corners.

The long poles continue to be unwieldy when loaded on the rickshaws. And most teams do not really check their turns so there are many locals getting hit by swinging bamboo. But nobody gets angry and the effect is actually quite humorous.

 "The humidity here and the heat, it just saps the energy out of you", Abba
 "We've been waiting to lift heavy things", Jaymes utters some famous last words
 "We have it so good at home", Ryan, realize they are privileged
 "This factory was a 110 degrees. You know, it takes pure jute force to do this work", Ryan tries his hand at humor
 "I don't understand what I'm supposed to be doing", Abbie does not really understand why their heckled jute was rejected
 "We don't want to never run out of money, so we don't eat. We're dropping weight like crazy. So we're getting weaker by the minute", Jaymes explains why they struggle
 "We may be in last place, but we're not quitters", Josh & Brent arrive at the bamboo market

Jaymes & James get really tired when loading the bamboo. But when they leave the market there are still two teams loading. Unfortunately for them they have forgotten three poles amid the confusion while they were reloading their rickshaw. When they arrive at the construction site the foreman tells them to go back and pick up the missing pieces.

At this moment the Chippendales almost give up. It is hot, humid and they are completely exhausted. But after some water (production seem to provide unlimited amounts of cold water to the teams) they collect themselves and soldier on.

 "We're not giving up. But this is pretty dire right here", James fears they will be eliminated
 "We wanted to do some heavy lifting. Problem is we forgot to use our brains while we did it", Jaymes after competing the detour

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1(+0) James & Abba, bamboo
 2(+1) Abbie & Ryan, jute
 3(-1) Natalie & Nadiya, bamboo
 4(+2) Rob & Kelly, bamboo
 5(+0) Trey & Lexi, bamboo
 6(-2) Jaymes & James, bamboo
 7(+0) Josh & Brent, bamboo

Teams doing the bamboo option get their next clue in the form of a short piece of bamboo with a picture painted on it. The jute factory team gets a piece of woven jute with the same picture.

The picture shows some colorful houses. In reality this place is called Lok Shilpa Jadughar, and is the pit stop for this leg. The place seems well known and none of the teams seem have any problem getting there.

Teams check in in the following order:
 1(+0) James & Abba, win a trip to Malaysia
 2(+0) Abbie & Ryan
 3(+0) Natalie & Nadiya
 4(+0) Rob & Kelly
 5(+0) Trey & Lexi
 6(+0) Jaymes & James
 7(+0) Josh & Brent, are saved by a non-elimination

Ryan is disappointed when he reaches the pit stop in second place because it finally dawns on him that can no longer beat Dave & Rachel's record for the most wins.

This leg was a relatively easy win for James & Abba. They had a 2 hour head start and there were no bunching points. They manage to run the entire leg without even seeing another team. The episode makes it seem like they ran a fairly clean leg without any problems. We will have to wait for the start times in the next episode to see how they did relative to the other teams.


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