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TAR 21 Ep 2 Discussion! Hosted by TAR 19's Cindy and Ernie!

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Hi! Thanks for joining us!!! Thanks so much for rooting for us!

Ernie: For me personally, the Beekman boys weren't really in the front of the pack or back of the pack, so you're not going to see them much. They didn't even show the Twinnies or Brittany/Cait do the bulls at all! There are still too many teams and they have to stick to the main storyline.  As long as you're in, you still got a shot!
Cindy: I hope the Beekmans start making some stand-out decisions or coming to the front of the pack so we can see more of them and get a better idea of who they are. They seem funny together and they also seem like they are racing a bit carefree, just enjoying the scenery.

Hahahahahah for the McDonalds ad (how embarrassing) how did y'all find it?!

I used to be an actor/commercial model before getting on TAR so I had a few agents. One of them booked me for that gig. I learned all about making egg mcmuffins and Caesar salads!  It's pretty fun to play around in their test kitchen!! I had a great time on that shoot!  Now that we've done race, my face is too recognizable for me to do any of the commercials or catalog modeling... but not recognizable enough to get endorsements or anything. SO my agents told me they couldn't represent me anymore.  I wish I could do more, since I really enjoy it! Maybe in a year or two when everyone forgets I was on the race :)

--- Quote from: hakushu8 on October 08, 2012, 10:45:51 PM ---Aaaaaaahhhh! I caught you guys this time! :yess:
Thanks for posting here, Ernie/Cindy! I was rooting for y'all so hard and am really glad y'all won season 19! Also congrats on getting married! Hope everything's going well with you two!

Some questions:
1) TAR 21 related. What do y'all think of the Beekman boys very UTR (under the radar) edit this season, well so far anyway? They were shown in the season preview (well Brent was) celebrating after the ice detour, but in last night's episode they were barely shown doing the detour... and they had some random comments in the RB.

2) Personal, to Cindy. I think most people here have seen your McDonald's commercial. Was it a good experience? And would you mind telling us how you got the gig?

Now let me catch up to your initial responses (hope my questions weren't redundant... :-[)!

--- End quote ---

Alright kiddos, it's time for us to get some beauty sleep! Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to leave questions/messages and we'll respond as we can.  Let us know if you're interested in another week of discussion!


Thanks, Ernie/Cindy! G'night!

Don't mind the comments... you're awesome, Cindy! ;D

Thank you all SO much!! We love hearing about the race from someone who has been there-done that!! Thanks for sharing!!

I just saw Cindy's egg mcmuffin ad... damn, that got me hungry at 3am now!!! :lol:


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