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What the heck were the monster truck drivers doing on a separate flight from everyone else? Did they think they would get to Indonesia faster?  This early in the race, it doesn't make much sense to separate yourselves from the pack. You'll eventually meet up with every other team and so it's a risk that is unnecessary at this point. 

This is similar to the time we were in Indonesia on our way to Thailand. Andy & Tommy, Zach & Lawrence got on the flight that departed earlier, but had 2 lay overs and ultimately ended up arriving in Phuket hours behind the rest of the teams.  But it didn't even make a difference because all of the teams started on the speed boats at the exact same time the next day.

If you have a bad cab driver, you have to switch it. If you feel like you're going in the wrong direction, you have to get out and find it yourself. So many teams think the drivers know where to go when sometimes they have no idea how to decipher the clue.  Amy & Daniel finished the bulls 2nd - but came in last, which was several hours behind twinnies. They must have been lost for more than 2 or 3 hours. in all that time, they could have asked to go to a hotel to use the internet!

There was one time where sticking with our cab paid out - when we were in Panama on the way to the Pit Stop. He was persistent in telling us he know where to go, he knows where the pit stop was. We had to trust him, because we sure didn't know!

--- Quote from: Polaroid on October 08, 2012, 09:22:11 PM ---Amy & Daniel's elimination was surprising. They had the potential to go so far. :( I guess it shows how much luck is involved in this race. I probably would have switched taxi driver.

--- End quote ---

Reading Amy's interviews, I think they did try mutiple cabs...but I love the self driving and the times where y'all used local transport the best!

Would you have a liked a race where taxis were not allowed?/

Hi guys!

Yes, I agree with you.  Doesn't seem too smart to separate from the pack.  They'd got lucky - as the guys in your season - that there was an HoO (Hours of Operations), other way - with a night leg - they would probably be eliminated even before reach the bull race.

I read where they switch cabs twice - so they had three cab drivers - said they lost over 4 hours on the cabs, and exhausted most of their funds.

Did you two make good use of the internet on researching your flights - connections/arrival times?


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