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Didn't know they'd give the clue using this wording!

--- Quote from: Neobie on October 10, 2012, 01:35:36 AM ---It's very very close to the multiple junction where Jl Musing, Dorang, Hiu, Cucut and Sepat meet.
--- End quote ---

The T-junction looks like that between Jl Cucut, Udang, and Cumi-Cumi, further up the road from the W-Turn?

You are psychic, neobie! :lol:

Best Loser:
Are there anymore of these?

I think as soon as Neobie has time, he will get caught up on his mapmaking.

Sorry, guys! My laptop died and I've been working off a netbook, really not optimal for graphics - and Google Earth doesn't run on it!

I'm trying to work on the Bangladesh FF - the start location should be where "Matuail Council Bus Stand" is if you search on Google Maps, the first rat location should be marked "New City" right on top of "Konapara" Bus Station, and the second rat location 1/3 of the way between the two, but I can't find the third rat location, the brick yard with tall buildings around?

Edited to add: Most likely to the southwest, across the river, from the start? There's a shot of them walking eastwards alongside the river on its south bank. But I can't locate this below shot either, supposedly between the third rat and the start/finish (that's around when they picked up the kids). So much open space there!


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