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CBS Recap 7/20
« on: July 21, 2004, 02:20:55 AM »

In a riveting competition called Snag the Veto, Jase emerges victorious over a hard-working Lori to grab the Power of Veto. As in the previous Veto competition, not all HouseGuests compete. It's just the HOH, the two nominees and the partners of their choosing. Marvin chooses Drew, "...the pretty boy from the Buckeye state." Lori selects Karen, and Holly chooses Jase. Holly showed prescience bordering on clairvoyance, saying, "I looked at Jase. He's a fireman. He's probably got to deal with a lot of hoses and water." As a result of Jase's win, HOH Marvin puts Karen up for eviction in place of Holly.

The competition involves untangling a 100 foot rope and threading it through a series of walls. Whoever gets the rope through the walls and then places their Veto ring on the post at the end wins. The HouseGuests are running neck and neck in the beginning, but over time Jase pulls ahead. Karen thought she might have had it for a moment, saying, "I felt pretty good until I ran into that arrogant SOB Jase. He encompasses you like a disease."

Jase's "I became the rope" strategy helps him to win the Power of Veto. His victory throws the fledging Lori/Karen/Will alliance into disarray as he uses his power to remove Holly from the chopping block. He then yields the floor to Marvin, who as HOH has to put up yet another HouseGuest. This time Marvin chooses Karen.

Prior to the Power of Veto competition, the Four Horsemen and the girls debate the vote. Diane has it in for Holly and really wants to get her out. The Four Horsemen convene and tell Michael it's his job to get Nakomis in line with their voting plans. But Michael's machinations backfire as Nakomis is not down with being told what to do with her vote. "I do not fly with that at all. At all," she says.

Will and Karen hatch a top-secret plan. As Karen plays domestic goddess, spritzing a counter-top, she and Will discuss how to keep Lori in the house. The plan is to lull the Four Horsemen into a false sense of security by saying they will definitely get on board and unanimously vote Lori out, then turn the tables, ousting Holly and keeping Lori around. Will is thrilled, crowing, "We're beating them at their own game."

Things get hairy for a moment as Lori decides that she is ready to leave, and wants to go home. A tearful Karen says that cannot be so, and Operation Security Blanket remains committed to its mission, even if the person they're saving says she wants to go.


While the house may be divided on some things, it isn't when it comes to Drew and Scott. Where Drew is unanimously loved, even revered, Scott is universally reviled. Diane clearly has the hots for Drew, mooning, "Drew is sent from heaven. He's definitely beautiful." Will adds to the Drew love-fest saying, "We have the number one man in America. I feel like a diabetic in an ice-cream parlor."

Scott on the other hand is on the receiving end of some of the harsher comments to be mouthed by the HouseGuests. He and Diane have a particularly contentious relationship. When describing his entrance into a room, she says, " walks meathead." Scott eggs on Diane's animosity by first saying, "Diane, you got about as much power as Saddam Hussein had over his own people, which is nothing." He then takes it further by calling Diane trailer trash, reducing her to tears and turning some of the HouseGuests against him.
Scott doesn't curry any favor as he discusses his reasoning for posing for Playgirl. :D :D He says, "My ass percentage went up like this," making a gesture that would put the hockey stick curve to shame. His vanity seems to know no bounds, as he turns and looks in the mirror, saying, "You sexy bitch." And it's not just his vanity, but he is intent on jumping on, punching or running into nearly every inanimate object he can find. One moment of inspired Scott-ness sees him sliding off a treadmill on purpose and crashing into a couple of well-placed plastic containers.

Each of the HouseGuests has their own particular take on Scott, and few of them are positive. Will says he thinks Scott is like a caged gorilla, adding for good measure, "He's proven himself to be a numb-nut." Marvin, who seemingly gets along with most of the HouseGuests, lends a bit of Southern-fried wisdom to the subject: "Scott is one knife short of a full drawer."


Nakomis begins to reveal what her game is; laying low, getting friendly and, as she puts it, "'Playing the Goth Kid' card." She also reveals that she's a little disappointed by the behavior of her recently discovered half-brother. "If I had no clue that Cowboy was my brother, I don't think we could even chill in the same room. I can't stand to be around him. My family and I are proud people. We don't kiss butt. I wouldn't align with him even if I had known him for three years."

Taking a break from changing the color of her hair, Nakomis goes for a change in length and design and gets a Mohawk. She makes the first cut, and Lori cuts the bulk of it while everybody cheers her on. Upon completion, a glowing Jennifer announces she is thrilled with her new look.

Who will go, Lori or Karen? Will Jase's saving Holly make him an even bigger target? And will Drew succumb to the feminine wiles of Diane?

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Re: CBS Recap 7/20
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2004, 03:06:26 PM »
What does everyone think about last nights show?  Here is my opinion, I think that everyone was making very strategic moves.  This is the only one that made me mad.....Marvin went with pretty much whatever the 4 horseman dictated once Jase won the Veto.  He wanted Karen up to break the K/L/W alliance, which makes total sense for Jase to want that b/c that alliance is a threat to the 4 horseman....BUT it isnt a threat to Marvin!!!!!  He def. pissed some people off by putting Karen up!  And then he made the comment after Jase walked out of the room that he was mad b/c Jase stepped up and changed his decision...... Well here is my thoughts Marvin.... Jase and Scott are more of a threat to you than anyone in the house....that is the alliance he should be trying to break up!  They are the strongest and smartest b/c they have found a way to run the house and get anything they want without some HG even noticing it (marvin for one).  Marvin made a mistake last night by puting Karen up.  He is going to pay for that in the near future!

That was my vent session...wheh!  I feel much better that I got that out!  Thanks for listening! :o

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Re: CBS Recap 7/20
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2004, 07:05:46 PM »
Hey Puddin,

thanks for the info.  I missed last nights episode, due to watch Pirates of the Carribian.  I plan on renting the Butterfly Effect for tomorrow night.  So, I look forward to your insightful and joyous reports from the front lines.  Keep them coming.

I can't believe how blind Marvin is to Jase and Scott.  Looks like it may be to late for him to wake up.

Did you miss me?

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Re: CBS Recap 7/20
« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2004, 07:39:42 PM »
Marvin just wants to be one of the boys..even though we know that they will keep him around as long as he goes along with them..the boys will pick the girls off one by one...I hoping , hoping, hoping , that a girl wins HOH tomorrow night. ;D