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S25 Ep 4 "Create a Little Chaos"

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Glamazon Racer:

Per missyae, Swan Song. Go figure out. :) :lol:

Matsing = Crash and burn V4.0


Bye Matsing again. I can't believe Yellow and Red tribe are alternating wins.

Glamazon Racer:
Episode started. After the recap, it showed Matsing feeling very demoralised about their losing streak and they are determined to get one win and turn it around.

Glamazon Racer:
Very interesting development at Tandang! Apparently RC and Abi had buried their Idol Clue somewhere and Abi showed the spot to Pete. So then Pete apparently took the clue without telling anyone and hid it in RC's bag, then Abi-Maria noticed the clue in RC's bag and starts thinking that RC's looking for the idol on her own! :lol3: Great move by Pete - please get rid of RC! :hoot: :hoot:

Meanwhile Kalabaw is turning into the Battle of the Sexes. There is a new alliance between the three men and so the women want to stick together as well.


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