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Teams Asked Back For All Stars But Couldn't Compete

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I've been wondering about All-Stars, and the teams that were asked to compete again. For instance, I know that Meredith & Gretchen and Kelly & Jon were asked to return to compete but declined. Were there any other teams?

Idk if you count unfinished business as all-stars, I do, but Brooke and Claire from 17 were asked to return, however one of them was pregnant. :(

Colin & Christie were asked to compete in All-Stars (Season 11), but Christie was pregnant at that time.

Flo & Drew were asked to compete in All-Stars (Season 11), but Flo wouldn't do it without Zach and she thought the Race brought out the worst in her.

Kris and Jon were also asked to be in the All Star, but they declined the offer.

Thanks everyone!  :ghug:


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