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CBS Episode 3 recap
« on: July 21, 2004, 02:17:50 AM »
CBS Episode 3 recap

After driving through the Argentine countryside, all nine Teams met up at the Buenos Aires airport, where everyone battled for tickets on the earliest flight to San Carlos de Bariloche. Dating couple Colin & Christie and cousins Charla & Mirna departed together and set the pace for the entire leg, finishing first and second, respectively. A ticketing error left father/daughter Jim & Marsha on the last flight to Bariloche, a delay they could not recover from. Thus the father/daughter duo became the third Team eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE.

Leaving the Pit Stop at La Porteņa in first place at 11:50pm, dating Christians Brandon & Nicole opened their first to clue instructing them to drive over 60 miles to Buenos Aires, find the domestic airport and fly 1000 miles to San Carlos de Bariloche, a picturesque village at the base of the Andes Mountains. Once they arrived, they needed to drive into town and find the mayor, who would give them their next clue.

Departing one minute later, Charla & Mirna followed in their car behind Brandon & Nicole as both Teams navigated through the muddy country roads out of the Pit Stop. When Brandon & Nicole became stuck in a particularly treacherous section of road, Charla & Mirna stopped to make sure the Christian couple could get free from the quagmire. After receiving help from a local farmer with a tractor, both Teams resumed the drive to Buenos Aires. About having stopped for Brandon & Nicole, Mirna commented, "We had to make sure our friends were okay, because we would hope someone would care enough about us to help us too."

Minutes later, Charla & Mirna, now leading Brandon & Nicole, incorrectly decided to go straight at a major intersection, while the Christian couple wisely turned left. Not stopping for Charla & Mirna, Brandon rationalized, "We can't slow down too much. We got Teams on our back." Now lost, with the realization that Brandon & Nicole weren't following them anymore, Mirna lamented, "Now we're lost because we trusted somebody".

 With a majority of Teams on the way to Buenos Aires, Brandon & Nicole arrived at the airport to discover that the Aerolineas Argentinas ticket counter was closed. Calling for information, the pair learned the first flight to Patagonia in the morning at 9:10 was sold out, and the 10:30am flight had tickets available for purchase, but not over the phone. Since the counter didn't open until 4:00am, the pair was forced to wait as Jim & Marsha, bowling moms Linda & Karen, Colin & Christie and internet dating couple Bob & Joyce all arrived at the airport.

Meanwhile, Charla & Mirna, now in sixth place and desperately lost, received aid from a taxi driver, whom they followed to Buenos Aires. At the airport, the cousins mended fences with Brandon & Nicole, who promised to buy plane tickets for both Teams when the counter opened. Mirna observed, "If they truly want to show that we can trust them, then they will [book our tickets]."

After overcoming a flat tire delay, brothers Marshall & Lance arrived at the airport in seventh place to discover a line in front of the Aerolineas Argentinas counter for the 10:30am flight. Not satisfied with this option, the brothers asked at an information counter and found a better flight on Southern Winds, departing at 9:40am. Overhearing this news, Charla & Mirna raced to the Southern Winds counter, where they were now first in line ahead of the brothers.

Seeing Brandon & Nicole with Charla & Mirna, Marshall asked the Christian couple if they were with the cousins. Mirna replied, "Really, you guys, it's none of your business." Nicole explained that they were waiting at the Aerolineas Argentinas counter while the cousins waited at Southern Winds. Mirna chided Nicole, saying, "Why do you have to explain? It's none of his business." Walking away from the counter, Marshall fumed, "I hate [Mirna] so much, I can't even explain to you. When I have the opportunity, you watch, I'll get even."

As the last place Teams, married parents Chip & Kim and twins Kami & Karli, arrived at the airport, the Aerolineas Argentinas counter opened for business. First in line, Jim & Marsha took one seat on the 9:10 flight and hoped for standby to obtain a second one. As a backup, the pair also purchased tickets for the 10:30 flight for themselves and Brandon & Nicole, who asked Marsha to help them out. Standing at the Southern Winds counter, Mirna realized that her Christian friends had again violated their alliance, and asked Nicole if Marsha was buying their tickets, to which Nicole firmly replied, "No."

 Forced to go it alone at the Southern Winds counter, Mirna observed to Charla, "If you give these people a chance, they will squash you like a bug." The 10:30 Aerolineas Argentinas flight filled up quickly as Colin & Christie, Bob & Joyce and Linda & Karen also got tickets. Chip & Kim snagged the last tickets, causing further frustration for Kami & Karli, who were forced to wait on standby. When the Southern Winds counter opened, Charla & Mirna and Marshall & Lance positioned themselves in the lead by securing tickets on the 9:40 flight.

With guaranteed tickets in hand, most Teams began crossing their fingers in hopes of getting standby on a better flight. Prayers were answered for Colin & Christie and Charla & Mirna, who got onto the 9:10 Aerolinas Argentinas flight, besting Brandon & Nicole, who moved to the 9:40 Southern Winds flight with Marshall & Lance. Jim & Marsha received a nasty shock when they discovered that only Jim, and not Marsha, was booked on the 10:30 flight, which was now completely full. The pair waited anxiously, along with Kami & Karli, as Linda & Karen, Chip & Kim and Bob & Joyce boarded the flight. As a stunned Marsha looked on, a thrilled Kami & Karli received the last pair of standby tickets and boarded the 10:30 flight with the other Teams. Forced to take an 11:30am Southern Winds flight, a disappointed but still optimistic Marsha said, "Dad and I can still catch up with them. We're not going to give up."

Landing in Bariloche, Argentina, Colin & Christie took an early lead over Charla & Mirna as both Teams marveled at the natural beauty of the lakes and mountains as they drove into town. As the flight carrying Marshall & Lance and Brandon & Nicole landed, Colin & Christie found the mayor of Bariloche, who handed them their clue. Opening it, the couple discovered they must find a chocolate factory on the streets of Bariloche, which are lined with chocolate shops.

With Charla & Mirna in hot pursuit, Colin & Christie arrived at the chocolate factory and encountered a very sweet Roadblock. In this Roadblock, one Team member had to bite into as many chocolates as necessary to find one with a white center. Of the almost 11,000 chocolates on the table, only 20 had the coveted white center. As Colin began biting into the sweet delicacies, Charla joined him, while both Christie and Mirna encouraged their respective teammates. With chocolate all over her face and in her mouth, Charla mumbled, "Most disgusting thing in my life. I'm gonna throw up." Mirna shouted, "Hurry up! Just one bite! You don't have to eat them!"

After chomping excitedly through the sea of candy, Charla found one with the white center. The clue instructed Charla & Mirna to drive twelve miles to Villa Catedral. Once there, they needed to take a gondola to the top of the mountain and search for their next clue.

As Mirna struggled to drive the manual transmission truck out of their parking spot, Marshall & Lance drove by, shouting, "Bitch!" Offended, Mirna commented, "The people that we have to deal with are disgusting." As the cousins headed for Villa Catedral, they were soon joined by Colin & Christie and Brandon & Nicole, who had also completed the Roadblock.

 Brothers Marshall & Lance arrived at the chocolate factory with hopes of finishing quickly. Marshall dove into the pile, ferociously shoving the candy into his face. He soon slowed his pace, complaining, "I'm gonna puke!" Lance shouted, "You gotta be able to find one. This is unbelievable." When Bob & Joyce arrived, Lance worried, "Everybody's catching up to us." As a dejected Marshall looked on, Joyce quickly found a white-centered candy.

The pile of rejected candies beneath Marshall's feet grew as Linda & Karen, Kami & Karli and Chip & Kim all arrived at the factory. The increasingly frustrated brothers watched as all three Teams passed them. Only Jim & Marsha, whose plane had just landed in Bariloche, were still behind the brothers. Lance joked to Marshall, "You do know what the color white looks like, right?" After searching for well over an hour, Marshall finally found an elusive white-centered chocolate, and the brothers headed to Villa Catedral, followed closely by Jim & Marsha, who had found their chocolate with considerably less difficulty.

Arriving together at Villa Catedral, Charla & Mirna and Colin & Christie shared the first gondola to the mountaintop. Outrunning the cousins to the Route Marker, Colin & Christie took the lead as both Teams faced a Detour choice. In this Detour, Teams had to select between "Smooth Sailing" and "Rough Riding." Each member of Teams choosing Smooth Sailing had to paraglide in tandem with an instructor off the 5,000-foot mountain. While the task would be scary, Teams could finish quickly. Each member of Teams opting for Rough Riding had to ride a bike through a rugged six-mile course down the same mountain. While not a frightening task, biking down the rough terrain could take a long time.

Both Teams for Smooth Sailing, and both successfully completed the paragliding as Brandon & Nicole, Bob & Joyce and Kami & Karli arrived at the gondola. Opening their next clue, Colin & Christie excitedly received directions to the next Pit Stop. They needed to drive 14 miles to Bahia Lopez, a small bay outside Bariloche, find an unnamed island and check in at the mat.

With Brandon & Nicole, Bob & Joyce, Kami & Karli, Chip & Kim and, after a moment of fearful hesitation, Linda & Karen, all completing the Smooth Sailing Detour, only Marshall & Lance and Jim & Marsha remained. The brothers managed to arrive at Villa Catedral and board a gondola ahead of Jim & Marsha, forcing the father and daughter to wait for the next one. After Marshall & Lance successfully completed the Detour, Jim & Marsha arrived at the mountaintop and did the same. About their last place standing, Jim remarked, "We're not quitting till it's over. Not giving up."

Driving through the gates at Bahia Lopez, Colin & Christie ran through the shallow water to the unnamed island, where host Phil Keoghan informed them that they were the first Team to arrive. With a strong second-place showing, cousins Charla & Mirna hugged Phil to celebrate their accomplishment, while Brandon & Nicole happily accepted third place.

As the other Teams slowly checked in, only Marshall & Lance, who became lost along the way to Bahia Lopez, and Jim & Marsha were left to find the Pit Stop. Both Teams drove as quickly as possible through the gorgeous Argentine countryside, hoping for the best. In the end, brothers Marshall & Lance prevailed, arriving in eighth place. Father/daughter Jim & Marsha stepped onto the mat in last place, and Phil informed them that they were the third Team eliminated from THE AMAZING RACE.

Reflecting on her experience, Marsha said, "I learned from Dad you can do unbelievable things, even when you're the underdog." On his daughter, Jim remarked, "I said before I wanted to teach her some things during the Race. She's lacking nothing. I'm so proud of her."

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Re: CBS Episode 3 recap
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2004, 02:17:12 AM »
I thought the chocolate eating thing was disgusting also.  I was very happy when the brothers could not find the white chocolate.  It was his punishment for calling Mirna a name. :(*8  Colin sure showed what a spastic jerk he was when he couldn't find the chocolate and yelled at his girlfriend to useher eyes and watch him chew the chocolate.  I would have loved the chance to paraglide but I am sure I would have cried also as I am afraid of heights.