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theschnauzers:'s description of the CBS overnights:

--- Quote ---CBS Sunday lineup was down double-digits year-to-year across the board. 60 Minutes, featuring an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, did a 1.8/5 in 18-49, down 22% from last years season premiere. The Amazing Race (2.5/6), which just earned another best reality competition series Emmy, was down 17% for its lowest-rated premiere ever. Also logging their lowest-rated openers ever were The Good Wife (1.8/4, down 18% from last September) and The Mentalist (2.1/5, down 25% from its premiere on Thursday last fall) in its new Sunday time slot.
--- End quote ---

We'll see what CBS says tomorrow when the final weekly ratings are released.

CBS   The Amazing Race (Season Premiere)   2.5/6   9.70

CBS' season premiere of The Amazing Race by 52%.


Reilly Queens:
Ouch. Once Upon A Time was killing TAR last night :lol:

I think TAR needs a new timeslot.

Things are a lot more complicated than direct comparsions to other shows. reported that of the first three nights of "Premiere Week" for CBS, shows aired Monday to Wednesday generally had picked up an additional 25% plus when time shifted viewing within three days are added in; the article suggested that DVR time-shifting has now exceeded 25% for all viewing, and as a result, the live numbers are just about meaningless for ratings purposes.

As I said before, we'll see what CBS has for the final for the week ending Sunday night tomorrow (Tuesday), but we may be needing to find reports of live plus 7 for a more accurate picture.

Also I heard that Neilsen announced this weekend the start of a new service to measure viewing of shows online, after months of testing. Such information can only help TAR, which provides viewing through and Hulu, and allows you to buy episodes or the season for download through I-Tunes.

It's becoming a whole new world out there.

Good. Because those numbers were not very good....


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