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Haha thanks so much!!  We love Andy & tommy, they were such a strong team!!! They have been tons of fun to race with as well as our friendship after the show.  Truly wonderful guys.

We also felt this premiere was a bit disappointing - it all seemed fairly easy and there wasn't much time to get to know the racers. I liked the 2 roadblock format because a detour would have taken too much time to explain (thus fewer min to meet the teams) but we still felt like there could have been a little more story there.

The two million twist will be interesting, unless Ryan & Abbie don't make it to final 3. Then, it just drew the suspense of however long Ryan & Abbie made it.

Thanks for watching and thanks for the support!!  :hearts:

--- Quote from: starrynight on October 01, 2012, 06:32:44 AM ---Hi Ernie and Cindy!  I only discovered The Amazing Race at the start of this year and looking through them you were one of the few winners I didn't mind winning (Rachel and TK maybe being another).  Would have liked the snowboarders to get to the final as well though.

Anyway I found this premiere really disappointing.  The tasks just seemed recycled and pretty easy, I hardly got to know any of the teams, the editing just seemed for those with a short attention span as it was so rushed even though not that much was happening.  The only real drama seemed at the end in finding the abacus.  And I don't see the point of the 2 million twist, it only concerns one team now and I really wish they had used any extra money for tasks and locations.

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We hardly ever saw the clue boxes! Which is maybe because they were new and they didn't want them to get dirty or something  :lol:

How come there was no memory task in TAR 20!?!  I think this season will be soooo hard because they have to make up for missing it last season!

--- Quote from: Joab on October 01, 2012, 01:40:36 PM ---The new clueboxes actually started only in TAR 19 right? I remembered we thought there was a conspiracy for the finale task for TAR 19.. turns out it was a false alarm! Would have been such a great finale memory task for that season!

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