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The Amazing Race - The Million Dollar Challenge

After leading the entire leg, dating couple Trey & Lexi end their Race chatting with Phil in third place.

The Amazing Race - Horse Plowing

Trey and Lexi plow a field with the help of a horse for their detour challenge.

The Amazing Race - Beekmans vs Twins

The twins and the Beekmans go head to head in a detour competition.

The Amazing Race - Pizza Delivery

Josh and Brent deliver pizzas to the wrong addresses in New York City.

The Amazing Race - Some Unfinished Business

Twins Natalie & Nadiya leave the Race feeling like they didn't achieve everything they should have.

The Amazing Race - Mushroom Madness

Lexi is on the hunt for an assortment of mushrooms during the road block challenge.

The Amazing Race - Adding Insult to Injury

It's neck-and-neck between the twins and the Beekmans in a race to get to the pit

The Amazing Race - Underdogs on Top

Goat farmers Josh & Brent feel validated about how they chose to run the Race after winning it all.

The Amazing Race - Teams React

Rock star and lawyer James & Abba and twins Natalie & Nadiya share their thoughts on Josh & Brent winning the Race.

The Amazing Race - How Did They Get Here?

Goat farmers Josh & Brent acknowledge and explain how the unlikely team made it into the final three.

The Amazing Race - Secret Pow Wow

A three-way alliance has a secret pow wow as the outcast team listens in.

The Amazing Race - Feeling Proud

Dating couple Trey & Lexi may not have won the million dollars but they are proud of each other and how they ran the Race.

The Amazing Race - A Different Perspective

Trey & Lexi tell Phil what they would do with the million dollars and how they've grown by running the Race together.

The Amazing Race - Give Her Some Slack

The twins must lace up a lady with a corset for their speed bump challenge.

The Amazing Race - Ups and Downs

Dating couple Trey & Lexi reflect on the crazy, incredible experiences they've had in the Race.

The Amazing Race - Chippendales Are Impressed

After a footrace to the stone dog, Chippendales Jaymes & James are impressed by Josh & Brent.

The Amazing Race - Beekman Boys Head Home

In a taxi going to the airport, Josh & Brent react to flying home to the Big Apple.

The Amazing Race - Their Best Race

James gets emotional on the finish line as the Chippendales fall just short of the million dollar prize.

The Amazing Race - The Bickering Beekmans Return

After missing the clue at Coney Island, Josh thinks Brent's playing the blame game.

The Amazing Race - Life Changing

Goat farmers Josh & Brent explain why winning the Race will change their lives.


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