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The Amazing Race - Gaining Confidence

With each leg that Josh & Brent survive, they feel more confident about their chances in the Race.

The Amazing Race - Bull-It

Lexi draws blood and tears when trying to complete a bullring challenge.

The Amazing Race - The Next Level

Goat farmers Josh & Brent tell Phil what they would do if they won the million dollars.

The Amazing Race - A "Delightful" Experience

Chippendales Jaymes & James describe how they slept on the ferry to Mallorca.

The Amazing Race - Only Way Out

Josh fights through his ankle injury to complete the tennis challenge.

The Amazing Race - Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Josh and Brent blow past the twins in a challenge to repair a 400 year old windmill.

The Amazing Race - Most Improved Racers

Phil awards dating couple Trey & Lexi with the title of Most Improved Racers based on how they started the Race.

The Amazing Race - Chippendales' Big Ambitions

Jaymes & James share with Phil once again why winning is so important for them.

The Amazing Race - Playing like Agassi

Trey moves ahead of the pack with his athletic skills and tennis experience.

That's all folks for this week. One more week to go. Enjoy!

Due to the two hour finale airing on the west coast, the vids will not be available until 1am on the east coast and we are 25 minutes away from that. I may post a couple tonight but if not, I will post them in the morning.

The Amazing Race - Needle in a Haystack

The remaining teams struggle to find their next clue at Coney Island.

The Amazing Race - Winners of the Amazing Race

Josh and Brent are crowned the winners of the Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race - No Turning Back

Brent and Jaymes muscle their way out of their straitjackets from high in sky.

The Amazing Race - A Way With Words

Racers struggle to match "hello" and "goodbye" with the flags of the country they're from.

The Amazing Race - Houdini Escape

Trey attempts to perform a classic Houdini escape from amazing heights.

The Amazing Race - So Close

Chippendales Jaymes & James share their thoughts after coming in second place on the Race.

The Amazing Race - A Different View of Chippendales

The Chippendales come in second place, but rave about their amazing experience on the road together.

The Amazing Race - Knee Deep in Hamburger Patties

The Beekmans distracts the twins to get ahead in the challenge.

The Amazing Race - Off With Their Heads

The Beekmans pull it out, and Natalie and Nadia are eliminated from the race.

The Amazing Race - Texas is in the House

Trey and Lexi are the third team to arrive, but feel they are both ready for that next step in their life.


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