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The Amazing Race - An Emotional Finish

It's an emotional moment for Abbie & Ryan after completing their final detour.

The Amazing Race - Watcha Gonna Do

Jaymes and James contemplate following through with the plan to U-Turn Abbie & Ryan.

The Amazing Race - Nice Jaymes Vs. Evil James

The Chippendales contrast their different personalities on using the U-Turn.

The Amazing Race - The Plan Worked

Dating couple Trey & Lexi stand with Phil after their alliance successfully used the U-Turn.

The Amazing Race - Organ to Grind

Jaymes struggles to get donations while dancing for customers.

The Amazing Race - A Plan for the U-Turn

Team members discuss their plan to U-Turn Abbie & Ryan.

The Amazing Race - Fish or Fowl

Twins Natalie & Nadiya debate what kind of animal a herring is.

The Amazing Race - Cuffs and Collars

Jaymes and James break out their Chippendale costumes to entertain a crowd and collect their remaining donations.

The Amazing Race - Learning From Their Mistakes

Twins Natalie & Nadiya feel more confident than ever after winning the leg.

The Amazing Race - A Little Help From Their Friends

Chippendales Jaymes & James share how twins Natalie & Nadiya helped them in Amsterdam.

That's all folks for this week. Enjoy!

The Amazing Race - Trouble With a Stick Shift

The twins' race comes to a stall when they struggle with a manual transmission.

The Amazing Race - Fourth Team Mystery

Three teams are curious as to which team they will see at the boat station and which team was eliminated in the previous leg.

The Amazing Race - The Worst Boat Ride Ever

Twins Natalie & Nadiya review their overnight ferry ride from Barcelona to Mallorca.

The Amazing Race - Find the Devil

Teams are surrounded by fire-breathing devils as they try to retrieve their next clue.

The Amazing Race - Swing and a Miss

Chippendales Jaymes & James admit they don't know much about tennis.

The Amazing Race -Bull-It: Round Two

Trey and Lexi make it through their second attempt to complete the bullring challenge.

The Amazing Race - Connect and Grunt

Goat farmers Josh & Brent analyze Josh's less than sterling performance at the tennis Roadblock.

The Amazing Race - Letting Her Twinnie Down

Nadiya is disappointed that her driving skill put her and Natalie in last place.

The Amazing Race - Returning Ankle Injury

Josh struggles to return tennis balls after suffering a repeat ankle injury.

The Amazing Race - Fighting Through the Pain

Trey is proud of his teammate and girlfriend Lexi for fighting through her injury at the Detour.

The Amazing Race - Twins Still Laughing

Even after their bad day driving, twins Natalie & Nadiya have a good time with Phil on the mat.

The Amazing Race - Nadiya Stalls Out

After watching this clip, it's no surprise why twins Natalie & Nadiya fell so far behind and came in last.

The Amazing Race - Fun in the Sun

With a 12-hour gap before their next leg, teams take the opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun.

The Amazing Race - We're Not Quitters

Josh takes a break due to his ankle, giving the twins an opportunity to power past.

The Amazing Race - The Gang's All Here

After a wild three legs, Josh & Brent finally catch up and share their story with the other teams.


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