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--- Quote from: LoveRocked on October 01, 2012, 02:53:51 AM ---Amazing Race - Getting To Know Each Other

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Jaymes:  So.., what do you guys do?
Will:  Teach.
James:  Teach...
Gary: Oh, we're Federal Agents!

 :lol3:  :lol3: :lol3:

The Amazing Race - No Hard Feelings

Chippendales talk to best friends Brittany & Caitlin after their crazy finish in Shanghai.

The Amazing Race - Rob Breaks Down

After a physically exhausting leg, monster trucker Rob gets emotional on the mat.

The Amazing Race - Josh & Brent's Study Session

The goat farmers did some research before landing in Indonesia and share what they learned.

The Amazing Race - Onward and Upward for the Beekmans

From using garden gloves to working together, Josh & Brent feel they're getting stronger each leg.

The Amazing Race - Baffled By Balloons

Substitute teachers Gary & Will discuss Will's difficult time at the Roadblock.

The Amazing race - Superfans' Super Mistakes

Substitute teachers Gary & Will may be big fans of the Race, but they know they still have a lot to learn.

The Amazing Race - A Tornado Rollercoaster

On and off dating couple Amy & Daniel sum up their experience and disappointment after being eliminated from the Race.

The Amazing Race - The Tight Lipped Twins

At the point, Natalie & Nadiya aren't offering any more information and help than they need to.

The Amazing Race - A Long Way from Texas

Dating couple Trey & Lexi chat with their new friends twins Natalie & Nadiya about being in Indonesia.

The Amazing Race - Twins and Texas Love Indonesia

After finishing in 1st and 2nd place, Natalie & Nadiya and Trey & Lexi celebrate on the mat with Phil.

The Amazing Race - A Tearful Goodbye

A grateful, but disappointed Amy & Daniel share their final thoughts with Phil.

The Amazing Race - Abba Shows His Moves

Lawyer Abba shares with Phil a personal connection he has to Indonesia.

The Amazing Race - A Bullish Morning

In this deleted scene, teams marvel at an opening ceremony before rolling with the bulls.

The Amazing Race - The Growing Snort Count

After chatting with best friends Caitlin & Brittany about their travel experience, Phil updates Brittany's snort tally.

The Amazing Race - Trey & Lexi Experience Indonesia

Lexi jokes about her new whip before she and Trey share their impressions of running with the bulls.

The Amazing Race - Beekman Boys' Special Experience

Josh & Brent discuss their once in a lifetime experience of rolling with the bulls.

The Amazing Race - What It Means

Substitute teachers Gary & Will explain to Phil why it's so important for them to keep racing.

The Amazing Race - An Amazing Comeback

After nearly being eliminated in Shanghai, Chippendales Jaymes & James are thrilled to be in third place.

The Amazing Race - All Smiles for James & Abba

The well traveled rock star and lawyer feel very comfortable traveling through places like Indonesia.

The Amazing Race - Rob & Kelley React

The married monster truckers offer their first opinions of Indonesia after landing in Surabaya.


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