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AmazingRaceGlobal's TAR 21 GE Route Map!

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Using our spoilers, AmazingRaceGlobal has made an awesome video of the prospective spoiler TAR 21 route on GE!
See what you think??  :hoot:

 :colors :colors :colors :colors :colors :colors

Loved it a lot! I wish I had Google Earth.

Almost forgot that Shahjalal Airport is in Bangladesh. I always get it mixed up with Muscat Airport. :gaah:


You can download GE for free, but it does take a lot of room, and I'll never be good at it like Slowhatch and Chateau and Neobie!

But this is a fun GE blog to read and see what's new:

Amazingraceglobal channel on YouTube has been cancelled.

Now I can't finish watching TAR10.  :'(


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