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Mystery TAR Sightings - Can You Figure These Out?

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Here's another sighting in the US. Apparently an amazing race crew was spotted in LA on Sep. 18th. Looks to be outside the Majestic Halls, downtown LA.

Sean Martin ‏@theeseanmartin
Filming of The Amazing Race outside my building this morning. #vscocam #dtla

EDIT: While the tweet says this is for TAR, a film permit suggests otherwise.. might possibly be an upcoming show called "Race To The Scene"??


--- Quote from: Airlinesguy on September 21, 2012, 11:29:57 PM ---Hmmm... maybe. Do we know if TARU has started filming yet?

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I don't know. I did check back last week on the web site where I found the TAR Ukraine information on originally (sort of a Russian version of Facebook) and the account had been closed. If I get a chance I'll do some looking around for an update.


--- Quote from: El Chileno (S.C) on September 20, 2012, 09:55:24 AM ---
--- Quote from: Plaidmoon on September 20, 2012, 09:35:16 AM ---This next sighting is more interesting. I found it on and I can't grab the pictures because all rights are reserved. They were taken August 8th in La Paz, Bolivia. Two pictures show what appear to be a TAR production team working with people dressed in zebra costumes. Amazing Race clue envelopes are present but no cameras.  Two others show the people dressed as zebras in a city square type area. The caption on one says it is a traffic safety campaign in La Paz.

Here are where you can find the pictures:

My first thought is that it was TAR Brazil, but everything I've heard said they didn't leave Brazil. I'm not sure they were filming on August 8th either. It certainly looks like a Latin or South American production team.

While we're on the subject of TAR Brazil, last spring I saw a van with the TAR Brazil/ Space logo on it taken in Acapulco, Mexico. At the time, I thought they were scouting locations, so I was really surprised when they stayed only in Brazil. I can't find the picture right now or I would post it here. I'll take a more thorough look later on and see if I can find it.

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The Amazing Race Brazil probably visited La Paz, Bolivia according to the first preview. The filming finished on August 16, so this could be our race.

Also, one of the teams  in the last pic. looks like Caină & Fernanda.

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I'm glad you were able to figure that one out. It certainly looked like a real Amazing Race filming. Now that we know that TAR Brazil went to Bolivia, it becomes clear what was happening in those pictures.

Here's another TAR mystery sighting from the Singapore area from Wednesday in the western USA, though I think it was Thursday morning in Singapore.

✟Malcolm UhUhSiol™ ☻ ‏@MalcolmUhUhSiol
Omg! A channel 8 acttress asked me and @HongjunXiaopang for clues for a amazing race! Wee~ we're on tv ^^
8:03 PM Pacific Standard Time- 16 Jan 13

✟Malcolm UhUhSiol™ ☻ ‏@MalcolmUhUhSiol
Mediacorp crew with actress vivian lai interviewed me & @hongjunxiaopang hahas! We're on tv! @ Wisma Atria
8:09 PM Pacific Standard Time - 16 Jan 13

I can't copy the instagram picture, so hopefully someone will be able to post it here. The instagram link shows a film crew filming a team at a pit stop, though the mat doesn't appear to be an Amazing race mat. It doesn't appear to be TAR Israel since everyone in the picture looks Asian. The picture doesn't show the faces of the team because the cameraman is blocking them. One of the teammates may have a backpack on. It's hard to tell. I'm not sure the host is in the picture. The guy in the host position looks like he is in his mid 20s, so it may be a producer setting things up.

From what it's worth, ‏@MalcolmUhUhSiol's twitter page says he is from Singapore and appears to have run into the filming while near or at his work location in Johore, Malaysia, just north of Singapore. Given the lack of any known races being filmed in Singapore, I'm guessing this is a local race, but the use of a two man filming crew and a celebrity greeter seems pretty elaborate for a local race. Anybody have any ideas about this? Joab, I believe you're in Singapore. Do you have any thoughts?

That's Vivian Lai, a local celebrity. They are probably filming a variety show and I'm pretty sure it's a local amazing race format filmed for a show on our local channel, Channel 8. She's a host, you see. So she's probably just following the "teams" and joining them on their games.

Not TAR for sure. :)


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