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Mystery TAR Sightings - Can You Figure These Out?

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I hope so. *crosses fingers*

Best Loser:

--- Quote from: bwils927 on March 15, 2013, 09:44:02 PM ---is there gonna be a tarp 2?

--- End quote ---
There's a fairly large number of people from the Philippines that visit TAR forums, so I think we'd hear more from them if/when it films.

Catie ‏@VodkaTitties 10m #amazingrace film crew in Bethesda right now. Might be on tv. Cool. I'll wave
  12:21 PM - 22 May 13 Details   
Catie ‏@VodkaTitties 4m @xxx just saw camera men and I'm on Bethesda avenue in #bethesda Maryland
??? ??? ???

MARYLAND  :hearts:  :hearts:  :hearts:  :hearts:  :hearts: i only live 45 mins away from Bethesda hahahaha :D

NOT us Joey. But not sure what it was? ???


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