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will there bea mole in 2004?

I'm looking at ABC now leo..I don't see it on the Fall schedule? I'll keep searching and let you know ..
By the way..welcome to the forum leo  :)

send me a message if there is one.Is there privet message on this board?

Yes leo there's a pm (private message) that I could send you ....I hope that we could help you out ..

As of now I don't believe that there has been one filmed or even one planned.  I very much wish that they would bring it back - I think that it is the best reality series out there.  That is when they don't use celebrities.  Even the celeb version isn't too bad (although Amahad is definately not Anderson).

Anyway, I think The Mole is over with.  I hope and pray that someone will pick it back up, but it doesn't look good.


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