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But I think racer made sense with his deductions? It's really weird with a F3 and 8 jurors.... hmmm?

According to Survivor Live After Show interview with Penner, Penner appreciated Lisa for telling him the truth and not blindsiding him. Now that change perspective of who he may be voting for the winner.

New predictions/discussions:

F4: Malcolm (Denise probably vote against her own ally because she knows she has no shot with Malcolm)
F3: Denise (Assuming there's only F2 and Lisa and Skupin are sticking together)

F2 = Lisa and Skupin


RC: Skupin (Personal relationship and they were the two outcasts inititally)
Jeff: Skupin (More likely Skupin due to his chauvanistic charatcer)
Pete: Lisa/Skupin (Will most likely vote Skupin, although Skupin betrayed him)
Penner: Skupin/Lisa (Uncertain, Penner has many personal moments with Lisa)
Carter: Skupin/Lisa (I would have known if he talked more)
Abi: Lisa (I don't think he likes Skupin)
Malcolm: Skupin (Thinks that Lisa is too sneaky throughout the game? Although he may feel that Lisa is a smarter player)
Denise: Skupin/Lisa (Either way he will vote the same way with Malcolm, I think)

I don't know who will win. If the jury thinks Lisa is a train wreck, Lisa will win. If the jury thinks Skupin is an idiot, Skupin will win. And not to forget Skupin has the returning player target on his back and he's still in the F2 meant he played a good game.

I'm guessing with gut feeling that Skupin wins, just because Lisa seemed to be a train wreck among the jury. Even though each of them have 2 confirmed votes from the jury. (I think)

Glamazon Racer:

--- Quote from: Joab on December 13, 2012, 09:54:44 AM ---Carter: Skupin/Lisa (I would have known if he talked more)

--- End quote ---

IKR. :res: :cmaslol

I personally would put my money on Lisa (although maybe that's just because I want her to win!) because she has got more and more airtime as the season has continued, while Skupin is just a background character at most. If Skupin does win, then I think he will be one of the winners with the least amount of screen time, but it is possible! ;)

The screentime points towards Lisa now........... but Russell, Sugar and a whole load of other Survivors who crashed and burn didn't win too. Lisa seems to be going that way. :(


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